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Used Car Buyer AutoState.net Announces New Service Locations in Los Angeles and San Diego for Even Faster Cash for Cars Service

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Well-known used car and truck buyer Cash for Cars Quick recently announces there affiliate Autostate.net has opened new locations in Los Angeles and San Diego. The service offers cash for used vehicles regardless of their condition, and offers speedy pick-up and payment on the spot. The affiliate needed more locations because of the massive used automotive market in Southern California. The car for cash San Diego service alone receives dozens of calls on a daily basis. The plans to continue adding new locations and vendors to assure that the clients will not have to wait more than a few hours to sell a car or truck. To learn more about the new locations or to speak with an automotive buying expert visit, http://autostate.net/cash-for-cars-los-angeles.

Selling a junk car or truck is not very easy to do, especially if the car is also in a really rough condition. These junk vehicles are abandoned by the thousands every day in large cities all across the United States. Vehicles that are disowned by their owners can pose a serious environmental threat to the place where they are left because of the toxic waste found in the junk vehicles. There also is the unused liquid that can leak and to cause environmental damage as well. All of these hazards have been thoroughly identified by the experts, and the junk car buyer works with their partners to offer junk car removal for cash, and this helps proper disposal of these junk and unwanted cars. To sell a junk car fast for the most cash, visit the company website or call 888-728-7177.

Cash for Cars Quick is a used car and truck buying company operating in almost every city in America. The company provides very useful services to its clients who wish to receive a nice sum of money in exchange of an old car or truck. The offer is a win-win for both the company and the seller. The owner gets money and the company gets a car that can be taken away to an automobile recycling company to re-use its parts. These efforts to eliminate unusable vehicles the proper way have been seen as highly commendable and praiseworthy by thousands of vehicle owners in the United States.

Recently, one of the companys biggest affiliates announced launch new service locations in San Diego and Los Angeles to further assist its clients. The new service locations have been added to provide even easier access to people who live in remote areas of the city. It is mostly for those who find it difficult to travel to a far-off destination in order to sell a used car or truck to a representative of the company. In addition to providing easy access, the service location will also serve as a host to offer many value-added services to the companys trusted former clients

The automotive giant is one of countrys favorite services in the field of automobile recycling and management. The auto buyer is always actively working to eliminate junk vehicles that have been neglected by their owners in order to ensure a greener and cleaner country. The sole objective of the company is to provide an easy and fast way of selling unwanted or totally useless vehicles so that the owners could get good value for these cars. Their efforts have been directed towards promoting green and eco-friendly methods of car disposal. This is so that the toxic waste found in these junk vehicles does not pose a threat to the environment. For more information regarding the cash for car services of this company, kindly visit their official website at or get in touch with one of their pricing experts directly to receive an instant guaranteed quote.

The affiliate site Autostate.net uses the top internet marketer in the country to promote the companys used car and truck buying services. More importantly, the message of using a reputable used vehicle buyer. The company continues its web presence by promoting regularly on auto recycling forums, and information on the company blog and social media pages. Using affordable search engine optimization allows the company to stay ahead of the competition. The auto buyer hopes by offering instant guaranteed pricing this will attract more Los Angeles and San Diego residents looking to sell their used vehicle. To talk to the car for cash Los Angeles office, visit the local website.

About the Company:

Cashforcarsquick.com is growing car for cash service that offers junk car recycling and that provides a high return to the car and truck owners in Los Angeles and throughout the United States. The company and its partners follow environmentally friendly disposal practices to safeguard the future of the planet. To learn more about how to sell a used in San Diego, visit the company website or call the corporate office.


William Leonard

Phone: 888-862-3001

Email: info(at)cashforcarsquick(dot)com

ProcurePort announces the launch of http://www.woodbrowser.com, a unique reverse auction marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together in the lumber industry

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) September 05, 2013

ProcurePort, a leading provider of On-Demand E-Sourcing software including reverse auction software and services, announces the launch of a unique marketplace for buying and selling lumber. http://www.woodbrowser.com is a marketplace powered by ProcurePort which brings buyers and sellers (lumber mills) together in the lumber industry. Buyers of lumber post their requirements on the marketplace in a reverse auction format, lumber mills bid on those requirements in real time. The real time bidding generates savings for the buyers, without the buyers having to negotiate pricing over the phone.

ProcurePort is embracing 2013 as a banner year thanks to the growing acceptance of E-Marketplaces as a way to bring buyers and sellers together in a dynamic environment. The new breed of marketplaces allow buyers to post their purchase requirements on the marketplace. Sellers, in turn, bid on those requirements in a reverse auction format.

ProcurePort has developed proprietary cloud hosted E-Marketplace software delivered as a SAAS solution. The software allows creation of a marketplace for a specific vertical (eg: Health care services, Telecom, Energy, Building Materials, Lumber, Legal Services etc.) instantaneously with minimal cost.

A typical online marketplace has the following key features:

-Buyer and seller self registration process

-Option to charge buyer and seller subscription fees

-Charge auction transaction fees

-Allow Buyer and Seller to post Reverse Auctions and Forward Auctions

-Ability for buyer and seller to conduct private invitation only auctions

-Integrated payment facility using credit cards as well as ACH

Because ProcurePorts web-based E-Marketplace Software does not require expensive and time consuming setup or integration, many of ProcurePorts customers realize an immediate return on their investment. This on-demand model is much more affordable than other alternatives and allows startups to benefit from the same online procurement technology that was previously only available to large corporations, explains Smith, a senior director at ProcurePort. The success of online E-Marketplaces in niche verticals is predicted to grow significantly over the next decade as Startups (such as http://www.woodbrowser.com) and other organizations implement unique marketplaces to bring buyers and sellers together for a specific product or service category.

Founded in 2001, ProcurePort has expanded its service offering from discrete online auction tools to complete on demand sourcing solutions including providing sourcing and spend analysis services. ProcurePort added its online marketplace solution in 2008, which can be customized to launch E-Marketplaces in vertical specific "B to B" and "B to C" markets. Since the companys formation, its operations have expanded from a single staff member to 84 technology and procurement professionals.

About ProcurePort

ProcurePort is a leader in providing on-demand e-sourcing software (Reverse auction software / Spend analysis software / E-Marketplace software) and services (Reverse auction services / Spend analysis services) for the Startup as well as Global 1000 organizations. Operating in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to government, ProcurePorts clients benefit from both the technology and service expertise that can help them launch their electronic marketplace without time consuming or expensive technology deployment. ProcurePorts affordability enables startups to compete with larger organizations and reach new levels of success in deploying an E-Marketplace in a specific vertical. For more information, visit http://www.ProcurePort.com or call 1.866.643.8153 (toll-free in North America).


NOTE TO MEDIA: To schedule an interview with a ProcurePort representative to discuss trends in e-sourcing, online procurement, e-marketplaces, reverse auctions or forward auctions, contact Jack Smith: jack(dot)smith(at)procureport(dot)com.

Endo Hosting Announces Complimentary Consultation for Linux VPS Solutions

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 04, 2013

Endo Hosting, the premier Linux VPS solution provider, is pleased to announce a complimentary Linux VPS consultation for consumers interested in Linuxs VPS servers.

Prospective clients can contact Endo Hosting, and for the month of May, get a complimentary consultation in order to create a custom Linux VPS solution.

Endo Hosting offers customized, and dedicated, VPS hosting solutions for small business owners that do not have a large budget for hosting. Endo Hosting has experienced system administrators and engineers who are well versed in managing Linux VPS servers. Whether it be an unmanaged Linux VPS, or any other type of Linux VPS, clients can get a complimentary consultation.

About Endo Hosting

Endo Hosting was established by software professionals who believed in a providing the absolute best customer service. The main motive of this organization is to provide web hosting and other associated services at highly competitive and attractive rates. Many review companies have conducted reviews on Endo Hosting and have termed the organization as one of the best and the most trusted service providers of this industry, the organization has also been successful in maintaining an impeccable track record of 99.99% uptime average.

Midphase Announces Discounts to Shared Website Hosting – PRWeb

Midphase Announces Discounts to Shared Website Hosting - PRWeb
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Alec Baldwin In Talks To Host NBC Late-Night Show
While talks are still in "initial stages," reports The Times, "The most likely landing place for a show hosted by Mr. Baldwin would be in the latest of NBC's entries, the show now called 'Last Call'" currently hosted by Carson Daly. But as of next ...
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The Host Group Announces Custom WordPress Design Upgrades & Expanded ...
The knowledgeable staff at The Host Group engages in an open dialog with its customers while striving to create trendsetting communications solutions that help network operators and service providers achieve their business goals. The latest move to ...
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Tidewater Direct Announces Production of its Newest Web Press

Centreville, MD (PRWEB) March 26, 2013

Tidewater Direct reported that its six-unit Sunday 2000 press has now been online and operational for over a month. The press, located at its Centreville, Maryland facility, will be used primarily for direct mail printing such as generic inserts, buck slips, and self-mailers. The press is a powerful engine that will compliment the Centreville facility as it operates a bindery with four guillotine cutters and 12 folders. The press room and bindery are staffed 24 hours per day, six days per week.

The web offset printing press is set to deliver up to a 38 wide by 22.25 into a sheeter. With six units, its ideally suited for self-mailers and post cards that require four colors + a pms color + a varnish. Moreover, the press can effectively print 12 colors as six on each side of the substrate. Equipped with WPC and GMI auxiliary equipment to maintain register, web position and color, the Sunday produces web offset printing with a high level quality control. The extended web dryer ensures the press is well suited to print heavy coverage on coated stocks.

The press is unlike any of its predecessors in the Centreville pressroom. To ensure a smooth transition, Tidewater Direct hosted several weeks with an independent trainer to ensure that its operators were well-equipped with the tools and knowledge to run the press properly. Each pressman received a minimum of 80 hours of training on the press, not to mention many more hours in the installation.

Geoff Eisenberg, VP of Operations remarked, The Sunday press represents a large leap in speed quality from what we were producing prior to its installation. Weve quickly realizing the benefit of these improvements with some of the new work weve been able to produce. It can produce some impressive quality work that compares to sheetfed presses.

Our clients have enjoyed high quality, high volume continuous forms printing coming from our Baltimore facility, American Direct since the installation of our three Sanden 1500 8 and 10 color printing presses. They have received high quality on low color high volume printing from our Centreville facility. Matching that quality level on high color high volume work in Centreville was an inevitable and important investment, said president, Ken Boone referring to the Sunday 2000. He elaborated to say, While the installation became painful at times the quality and speed were achieving with the press shows an optimal outlook. Im very excited at what this press can provide our clients.

Lucent Mobile Announces the Immediate Availability of JUMPSTART Platform!

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Lucent Mobile, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of JUMPSTART Platform!, a powerful new solution that helps iOS developers minimize repetitive presentation layer tasks in Xcode, while providing unlimited flexibility to extend the abilities of code without any limitation being set by the development platform.

JUMPSTART Platform! avoids the limitations set by traditional development platforms that utilize secured libraries, by producing a zero footprint Xcode solution. For an iOS application, the designer or developer can process Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks design files through the JUMPSTART Platform! and then immediately move over to working in the Native iOS environment Xcode with all presentation layer source code and Storyboard views populated. The tremendous advantage of using the JUMPSTART Platform! is that the presentation layer of an iOS application is done for you.

For developers, the advantages of using JUMPSTART Platform! include:

Speeding up development of the presentation layer
Automatically hooking up code and storyboard elements
Creating common behaviors and delegates for text fields
Automatically creating segues between view controllers
Creating button action Methods

For designers, the advantages of using JUMPSTART Platform! include:

Peace of mind that their design will be retained when handed off to a developer
Ability to show their designs on a device
Ability to start development of the application without a developer
An increase in marketability by having the presentation layer of an app jumpstarted

We are excited that developers and designers who have endured the time-consuming, repetitive processes required to build an app now have a solution that simplifies the process, said Kurt P. Pimentel, CEO at Lucent Mobile, Inc.

JUMPSTART Platform! is part of Lucent Mobile, Inc.s commitment to deliver best of breed solutions and is available for purchase now at http://www.jumpstartyourcode.com.

About Lucent Mobile, Inc.

Lucent Mobile, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas-based company that designs, develops, hosts and maintains mobile solutions in a cross platform environment for enterprise customers. Additionally, we offer consulting services to companies that need help developing their mobile roadmap. For more information: http://www.lucentmobile.com or http://www.jumpstartyourcode.com

For more information, press only:

Kurt P. Pimentel



hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Addition of Paleo Diet to its Prescription hCG Diet Plans

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

Diet Doc recently added the Paleo diet to its prescription hCG diet plans, making weight loss more effective and healthy than ever. The company designs customized nutrition plans around every client based on age, health, and weight loss goals, adding the Paleo diet in order to expand meal plan options. In-house physicians consult with patients, after which they design a personalized nutrition plan that can produce fast weight loss while providing optimal nutrition. In an attempt to provide the best available weight loss plans, Diet Doc evaluates the world's most popular diets and determines which aspects from each will most effectively benefit their patients' hCG diets. Diet Doc's physicians have concluded that the Paleo diet will allow their patients to consume fewer calories, a caveat of the hCG diet, while continuing to maintain great health. This master diet plan focuses on using the most effective pieces of popular fast weight loss plans to effectively coincide with each patient's individual health factors, the result being the most effective fast weight loss available.

This master diet plan is intended to assure safety, reliability, and effectiveness to patients seeking fast weight loss with their prescription hCG diet plan, boasting an average of 1 pound per day of results per client. Available nationwide, Diet Doc offers this comprehensive diet plan, now including the popular Paleo diet to patient's across the country via the national Telehealth system. Now patients, even those whose location makes receiving great healthcare difficult can consult with expert fast weight loss physicians, as simply as making a telephone call. The Paleo diet derives its name from the Paleolithic era, basing its nutrition plan on what humans ate before becoming so advanced. 10,000 years ago, humans consumed a diet rich in vegetables and meat protein. The goal of the Paleo diet is to eat balanced nutrition and facilitate long term weight maintenance to prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The premise of the popular Paleo diet is that the modern human body cannot adequately digest the farmed foods like grains, legumes, dairy, or refined sugars that modern humans widely rely on. In order to produce the best results, Diet Doc combines the most successful mechanisms of the Paleo diet with the most scientifically successful components of other diets like the Mediterranean diet.

Diet Doc focuses on providing medically supervised fast weight loss for disease prevention and to stave off the growing obesity epidemic, combining the most effective dietary plans known with personalized physician attention and if necessary prescription medication and dietary supplements. As a result, an individual diet plan is created and outlined for every patient. They offer the only modernized version of the hCG weight loss diet proven to provide results with little to no reported side effects. With 34% of Americans considered obese, medical bills begin to mount as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other ailments result from carrying so much extra weight. Diet Doc not only provides a customized diet plan, but also a range of products to aid clients in achieving lasting health. While on this medically supervised program, clients can lose a pound-per-day, equal to invasive surgery and other extreme measures, yet without the inherent risk of medical procedures. Diet Doc's CEO and Founder Julie Wright commented on the abundance of support that clients receive, stating that "Diet Doc offers one month of prescription medication, one month of diet shakes, one month of diet cooking/salad dressing oil that is clinically proven to help dieters start burning fat within 30 minutes of consuming, along with the diet workbook outlining the modern-day version of the hCG diet and a cookbook, plus unlimited nurse, doctor and dietary consultant support 6 days per week priced lower than the leading non-doctor supervised nutrition plan." With unlimited consultations, Diet Doc has discovered that patients are much less likely to backslide into weight gain, finding that the most effective way to enact true, long-term, and life-changing fast weight loss is to keep dieters engaged, offering customers a variety of clinical and dietary support. They offer the nation's most modern medically supervised diet program, and provide patients with customized diet plans tailored to fit each individual.

KVCHosting.com – Leading USA SEO Web Hosting Supplier Announces the

KVCHosting.com – Leading USA SEO Web Hosting Supplier Announces the ...
Back to Article. KVCHosting.com – Leading USA SEO Web Hosting Supplier Announces the availability of 250 C CLASS IP's for their SEO Hosting Package. PRWeb. Published 4:35 pm, Wednesday, January 16, 2013. Tweet · Comments (0). Larger | Smaller ...
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StormVZ Expands Web Hosting, VPS to Three Data Centers Locations
Web hosting provider StormVZ announced on Thursday it has expanded its web hosting and VPS solutions to 3 diverse locations in the UK, west coast USA and east coast USA. By offering more than one location for web hosting and VPS hosting services, ...
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Softball Garners No. 10 Preseason Ranking
The LSU softball team collected a No. 10 national ranking as the USA Today/National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) released its Top 25 preseason poll on Tuesday. It marked the first time since 2008 that the Tigers will be ranked inside the Top 10 ...
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East Bays The Ford Store San Leandro Announces its Ongoing Summer Sales Event

San Leandro, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2012

The Bay Area Ford certified dealership, The Ford Store San Leandro Lincoln, has its summer special, the Summer Sales Event, in full swing. This Hybrid Savings Event allows customers of Ford Motor Company to receive up to $ 8,000 off MRSP for the 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid ($ 1,500 retail customer cash, $ 1,000 Bonus customer cash, and FC Retail bonus Customer Cash, and the remainder dealer discount). These specials on Ford can be subject to change please contact dealer for current programs.

Throughout the East Bay and beyond, The Ford Store San Leandro Lincoln is known as the areas premier source for new Ford sales, leases and the best used cars. The Ford Store always strives to be the best used Ford dealer around and always having on a fine line of vehicles at all times, including used Ford trucks, which age very well.

With the Summer Sales event, the Ford dealer allows for a great back-to-school program and also allows for savings at the pumps. 0% for up to 60 months is also ongoing with select 2012 vehicles (Fiesta, Focus, Super Duty, and Ford Fusion Hybrid) is subject to credit approval with FMCC.

"The Summer Sale Event savings are going on, so don't miss out on the family BBQ at The Ford Store San Leandro Lincoln where family is first," Phillip Baltazar of The Ford Store said. "On Aug. 10, from 4 to 6 p.m., we are supporting Ford with the 2013 Ford Escape Hunger Drive where Ford and Feeding America, the nation's largest hunger-relief organization, will enable participants in all regions of the U.S. to host events for the 2013 Ford Escape Hunger Drive. Guests will be able to drive, walk around, or ride in the all-new Escape. In turn, Ford will provide 40 meals per guest to people at risk of hunger."

Ford is gearing up for some great new product coming this fall like the C-MAX Energi - America's most affordable plug-in hybrid

Ford's new C-MAX Energi, expected to offer 15 class-exclusive features, 550-mile total range, and more than 20 miles of electric-only range - at least triple the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid's EPA-tested range. It will also be America's most affordable plug-in hybrid when it goes on sale this fall.

With Lincoln we have the Discovery Drive Event and you can get great savings on the 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid ($ 3,000 retail factory rebate and $ 1,000 Lincoln Bonus Cash, and remainder dealer discount), and 0% for up to 60months on the 2012 Lincoln MKZ(gas), MKS, MKT, MKX, and Navigator is subject to credit approval with FMCC.

Prices plus government fees and taxes, any finance charge, any dealer document processing charge, any electronic filing charge, and any emissions testing charge

Martin Nose Used Car Director has kept a steady flow of great pre-owned Certified Ford/Lincoln product along with other makes and model ready for everyones needs. FMCC has certified financing as low as 1.9% up to 36 months on approved credit which is just as good as new with the great saving you see on our prices for Certified vehicles. Go to http://www.fordsanleandro.com and pick the right certified vehicle to drive home today!!!!

For more information on The Ford Store San Leandro Lincoln, contact them through 510-352-2000 or visit them on the web at http://www.fordsanleandro.com. They are located at 1111 Marina Blvd. in San Leandro.

About The Ford Store San Leandro Lincoln

The Ford Store San Leandro is the premier Ford dealer in the Bay Area, providing residents with the best new and used Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars. They are a Ford Certified Used Vehicle Program participant. They have a wide variety of performance Ford, Lincoln and Mercury parts and accessories available and a service department on site to provide car service repair and routine maintenance on all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars.

GoDaddy.com bowl announces speakers

GoDaddy.com bowl announces speakers
Recipients of this award will then be eligible for a scholarship that will be awarded the week of the GoDaddy.com Bowl at the GoDaddy.com Bowl Mayor's Banquet on January 4, 2013. Two outstanding high school student athletes will also be honored every ...
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Afternic Expands Partnership with Go Daddy
The premium domain names being added to the Go Daddy network as a result of this enhanced partnership are high-quality aftermarket domains that require a price inquiry to the domain owner. "Go Daddy is always looking for more ways to provide the best ...
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Danica Patrick Added to Monster Mile Club lineup prior to Sept. 30 'AAA 400'
Danica Patrick, driver of the GoDaddy.com Chevrolet in both the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series, will appear for a question-and-answer session in the Monster Mile Club at 11 a.m. before the Sept. 30 “AAA 400” NASCAR Sprint ...
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