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WebHost Plus launches a new line of products for Microsoft Windows 2003 hosting platform.

(PRWEB) August 1, 2004

WebHostPlus managed Windows 2003 dedicated servers ( provide clients with the ideal environment to host enterprise level mission-critical websites. Windows 2003 servers include IIS 6.0, technology and web based administration. Windows Dedicated servers come with Terminal Service access and antivirus protection. If you require scalability, database connectivity, support and rich-multimedia features, Windows 2003 servers are perfect for you.

The (MSFT= Microsoft® ASP.NET Hosting Advantage targets service providers who provide Web hosting services to its customers. This worldwide initiative by Microsoft is considered an important resource for promoting broad adoption of ASP.NET. This initiative is designed to assist service providers with deploying, launching, and successfully marketing ASP.NET offerings. For more information about the ASP.NET Hosting Advantage, visit or send an e-mail to

In Order to compete successfully in today's challenging and grueling business climate, organizations must enable more efficient ways for knowledgable workers to communicate and exchange there thoughts/ideas. E-mail is currently the most widely used collaborative technology. More businesses use Exchange Server for e-mail-based communication than any other product. Exchange Server 2003 enables knowledge workers to gain access to critical business communications almost whenever and wherever they need to and is designed to deliver greater security, availability, and reliability.

Web Host Plus Exchange Hosting service has plans to satisfy even the smallest company with 1-5 Mailboxes and 100 MB of storage starting at $ 9.99 you will have total security and full access from anywhere in the world. Take a look for yourself at

If you decide to go with Web Host Plus Windows 2003 Dedicated Server you are able to get all the advantages and security of Dedicated 2003 hosting for under $ 100.

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Website creators please help…!! Ipage hosting question?

Question by Cocubloo: Website creators please help...!! Ipage hosting question?
I did a bit of searching and decided on Ipage's web hosting.

Now I'm thoroughly confused - because in their TUTORIALS they show a website builder (weebly - which seemed simple, easy and the interface had tonnes of options) yet when I dug in deeper into their website I discovered a demo of their CM4all website creator.

So which creator do they provide?
Or do they have an option for either? Besides, I don't like CM4all creator because they have a vertical navbar (unless there is a way to get a horizontal one which I am not aware of - in that case can someone tell me how?)

I'm having second thoughts, someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Colanth
It's not that difficult to learn to write a web page. Start with Then you can have a vertical navbar, a horizontal navbar or whatever you want.

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Monthly Web Hosting

Monthly Web Hosting
Monthly recurring billing for web hosting for a small website.
Monthly Web Hosting

A Hosting of Heroes

A Hosting of Heroes

A Hosting of Heroes
List Price: 16.75
Price: 10.69

ipage registering for hosting service?

Question by Johnson: ipage registering for hosting service?
I want to sign up for ipage hosting service as I read that it's one of the best and it's cheap.
As I was processing the registration, I got to a part where it asks me if I want "Other Great Services".

It says...
Prevent Identity Theft & Secure Your Data - Just $ 12.95/year

Get a JumpStart on Your Website. Just $ 12.95

Directory Listing for $ 1/month

Automate Your Site Backup for $ 12.95/year

Drive Traffic to Your Site. Only $ 9.95/year

I am building a website for a small restaurant business.
All I have there is made of HTML/CSS and little bit of Javascript.

Do I need any of these service options? If possible, I don't want to add any other because what I have told the client is just about the yearly hosting fee.

Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by juturnfox
All that other service you can do by yourself for free with a little googileing.

Do you need it for a simple web site?

You dont even need it for complex web sites... they are just trying to get you to buy more.

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iPage, Host Monster, Blue Host – anyone used any of these for domain names + hosting?

Question by K: iPage, Host Monster, Blue Host - anyone used any of these for domain names + hosting?
Which one(s) have you had good or bad experiences with? Can you recommend another if you got good service?

Best answer:

Answer by Jon
I use Justhost 100% the best check this offers

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