Which is better, windows or linux webhosting service?

Question by NazStory: Which is better, windows or linux webhosting service?
I'm buying a domain name and webhosting service. Which webhosting service are you using now? Which is better windows or linux? If i'm using windows operating system and getting a linux hosting plan, is this okay?

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Answer by Liwet
if you concern about more security then go for Linux

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  1. littledarlins says:

    Hey im really not sure but i have heard linux is, im trying to start my own web page too but dont even know where to start.. good luck!

  2. peter_panda says:


    it doesnt matter which operating system you’re using. you may choose any of the 2 plans. From a security pointof view, these days windows and linux are both enough secure if they’re well configured.

    here’s some tips that may help you choose:
    if you’re planing to use dynamic webpages with server side scripting:
    1. if you plan to use (asp or asp.net/access/sql server) go for windows.
    2.if you plan to use PHP/Mysql, CGI etc go for linux

    performance is not an issue, since i don’t think you expect very high traffic. if you do expect it, go for linux.

    finally pay attention to the plan details, it may help you to decide.

    hope this will help

  3. Colinc says:

    I favor Linux, you can install a testing server on Windows using the Apache/php/mysql combination if you wish to do local tests, but if you prefer working with asp you need a Windows based host. Comp;are the terms and costs, also some servers have online site builders, these are not as flexible as hand coding, but can give you a good quick start.

  4. John R says: