Inmotion Hosting Review – Truth About Inmotion’s Business Hosting Plan

Discover the truth about Inmotion hosting - the bad, the good and the... you'll see ­čśë Click here to see the full inmotion review by our resident angry edito...

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  1. Amin Haryanto says:

    Anyone tried the Hostgator Webhosting? I have heard some great things about it and my friend told me that you can use this exclusive coupon (HGCOM25OFF) when you register to get 25%´╗┐ off their hosting plan.

  2. Juanita Telles says:

    Is stil good until´╗┐ today june 2012 ??

  3. Sophia9Lott3134 says:

    Hostgator is by far the best host ive´╗┐ dealt with, they even allow me have internet hosting for a single penny by using the coupon “KINGTRAFFIC”

  4. swati20100 says:

    Thank you for giving us your valuable time for explaining us about web hosting service´╗┐ features through this videos.I Really loved it.

  5. WonderProfessor says:

    Thanks, Ian, for your review. It was helpful. We decided upon using Inmotion. Yes, it is more money and the only choice that´╗┐ makes sense is the middle plan. However, when you call their support center, a real person in Virginia with strong skills answers the phone. Their tutorials are very professional. It is obvious they are serious about this business. That is worth the extra money to us.

  6. TheExcit3d says:

    BEST Hosting Company. I had GoDaddy which loaded my website in like 17-20 seconds, hostgator 7-8 seconds and now inmotion at 4-5 seconds. I am on the second plan (power I think). I absolutely love their customer service, they helped me every step of the way getting my website transferred, no hitches at all. I have spent over 4 hours with them at a time and they stuck with me graciously. Never going to switch again,´╗┐ very satisfied. Don’t worry about nickel and dimes and just go with the best.

  7. dondred says:

    QUESTION: i have a side business, lets´╗┐ call it X,
    now i have a personal business, “music” lets call it Z,
    now can i have two seperate domain names ( & on the same “LAUNCH” plan? or are they bustin’ balls?

  8. dondred says:

    hey man, love tha video, i think if anyone trys to “out-source” their business, weather they are Artists, or new Business Entras, they should gett a website goin for themeselves, prob. is, there’s alota suck azz web site hosts, so you are DOING YOUR JOB!!!!
    thanks again from me and everyone´╗┐ else who goez digital with their work…