Should I start my business from my home then move to a building or lease a space?

Question by cathrine s: Should I start my business from my home then move to a building or lease a space?
I want to start a business planning hosting events and offer a venue to have these event but I was wondering if I should start with just planning and then move up to the rest later with a space.

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Answer by debijs
~~Keeping your overhead the lowest you can to start out is the smartest thing you can do. It will also give you more start up capital as well as advertising money, both crucial to starting a new business. No point in getting into a lease untill you absolutely have to. You should do very well working our of your home. Just treat it as a job, and ignore your personal life just as you would have to if your were in an office. Try to use a website to showcase your business as you would in a commercial business. Most people prefer working with a website anyway rather than having to look for brick and mortar. Yours sounds like a perfect home based business, you'll not only save in rent, but insurance, utilities, etc.

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  1. S Raja G says:

    To creative,active then implement that ideas (planning) with help of yours subordinates after analysing that particular fd. Every fd have must be required a fundamental way of concerned works.

  2. Vir2 says:

    You should certainly start your business by working from home. As mentioned by the first response, it is imperative that you keep your overheads as low as possible during your first few years when the business is growing and getting established. If you need space for events in future, you can always just lease those out as and when you need them.

    What is also important, however, is that you present a professional image. What you can do is purchase Virtual Office services. These offer the use of a mailing address with mail forwarding services, telephone answering so that your line is never engaged or unanswered. Virtual Offices are a great way to have receptionists and a prestigious address without paying huge sums of money. If you look at sites like you can find these services from about £15 a month. Good luck!

  3. BBPlans says:

    Of course, You can start your business at home to make more bugs to open a store. It’s more secure, and no need to spend to much money for the begining.