Power Rangers: Super Samurai – Super Samurai Green Transformation 1 (HD)

Green Ranger uses the Black Box to transform into the Super Samurai Green Ranger. This morph came from the Power Rangers Super Samurai "Trading Places" episode.
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  1. thanh mai tran says:

    do et. nguoi my dong do wa

  2. adamiskandar2010 says:


  3. MinuteManMaxx15 says:

    Cam does it better.

  4. mabi panny says:

    Do they do magic to get the black box and disc

  5. antolinda1 says:

    furia animal

  6. antolinda1 says:

    furia a n

  7. sapherno11 says:

    I first saw this show in a pizza hut. I walked in to devour some pizza, saw this was playing, got super excited….and then actually Listened to it….I turned out on the spot and walked out after about 10 seconds. I just couldn’t stand it….

  8. CSL Lunpi says:


  9. Mark Browning says:

    I thought i was alone. I just finished Shinkenger yesterday. The voice over in engish just sounds horrible.

  10. sapherno11 says:

    Ugh…Shinkenranger was So much better…this honestly makes me cringe now 🙁

  11. Christian Riojas says:

    green rangers morph black box

  12. wiiplayer9revisited says:

    230 people are Nighlok

  13. Stinverlyn Rosario says:


  14. Stinverlyn Rosario says:


  15. HistoMagouri says:

    Not to mention they’re both called Super Samurai mode.

  16. hanhsinh1978 says:


  17. leothewhiteranger says:

    Nope. rohi has it right, the others all got to use the Super Disc once, usually around the same time Power Rangers does. If you want proof as to that, the transformation here has the Shin (True) symbol. The shin symbol background is never used in an American footage transformation.

  18. leothewhiteranger says:

    …. what does that mean? The army is involved? No. There are lots of explosions? It’s a Sentai, thats par for the course. The writing? Power Ranger writing quality comes and goes, and usually its never as good as Super Sentai. So what? That doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  19. DBZKaiFollower says:

    This show got so stupid. Its gotten Michael Bay written all over it.

  20. fermatt77 says:

    Ermoso me encanta es impresionante

  21. marionetemanJ says:

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  22. awsesomeman123 says:

    Nice green

  23. R-Cabz says:

    I watched the original Super Sentai. However only the movies of Shinkenger and other crossover movies that included them. Well at least originally it was intended only for Lords.

  24. rohitreddy10314 says:

    if you watched the original super sentai series you would know that all of them eventually wore it -_-

  25. R-Cabz says:

    The U.S. version is so wrong! The crest at the back of the vest is a family clan symbol. And only the head of the clan are allowed to wear them that way. Wow tv sure has a way of feeding kids wrong information nowadays huh! Why name it Power Rangers Samurai if they couldn’t even apply simple samurai practices. Now kids would not know what a samurai is.