GoDaddy Tutorial: How To Buy, Configure and Use A Domain GoDaddy Tutorial: This tutorial will take you through the basics of creating your own domain, getting it linked to your...
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  1. tom tankengine says:


  2. Bayu Akbar says:

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  5. I am Typo says:

    I am so lost I bought the domain and think is set up but I am stumped as to adding cam chat rooms to my website..if you have any idea how to do this PLEASE message HELP 😀

  6. plumswap says:

    Hello there, great tutorial Thank you so much!

    The question I have is:

    1. If I have an static ip

    2. No personal DNS server yet

    3. I will be hosting my own site at my home with my network

    Can I use any DNS server available for example (my Internet Provider’s DNS servers) and in the zone editing, domain management point [mysite[dot]com –> 65[dot]44[dot]45[dot]667] and will be propagated on the web to work properly.?

    I will appreciate your response. Thank you again.


  7. lgeltzer kelly says:

    This tutorial really helps me a lot.

  8. markloff tai says:

    I really need this!

  9. k4li5to says:

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  10. Earnestine Vaugh says:

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  11. ilovetoQS says:

    @Fat alert.

  12. Сергей Буйко says:

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  13. daniel saeteurn says: