What is the best web hosting for an online storefront?

Question by caromelheart: What is the best web hosting for an online storefront?
Looking for web hosting and sites that will allow a storefront with ease. I will be designing the website. I need something that allows ease of use, customer service, online storefront, shipping costs and database inside. Please no sales reps from companies, only people who have used these sites and know about them. Thanks!

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Answer by HomeworkHelp.co.in
I am using web hosting from http://aplis.net/ , you can give them a try else use freehostia.com web hosting for free.

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  1. Mantrid says:

    Buy web space from any provider who supports PHP and MySQL and get the free (open source) software OSCommerce. It is made by a bunch of technical guys who want to be able to run their web shops for free. You don’t need to pay anyone to install it, you just upload the code to your website then visit the installation page, and you are not tied in to some third party or an expensive contract.

    It supports many different credit card authorization companies, it is multi-lingual, supports tax calculations, shipping rates, mailing lists, and just about everything you expect from a commercial shop.

    My favourite feature is you can make a PayPal shop with no costs at all, as long as you have a PayPal account.

    I would recommend “Nearly Free Speech” as a hosting company, I’m not affilliated with them in any way but I love their policy of paying for web hosting by the penny. An OSCommerce website installation will cost somewhere between 34 cents and $ 2 a month, depending on how big your store is and how many people visit it.

  2. Will R says:

    I use
    For several reasons and one of them is that they offer a shopping cart script that is free and I do not have to do the programming.


  3. a_m_del_in says:

    try this one this has free modules to make your product sale online


    it also has php and mysql support