How to register a domain name with GoDaddy

How to register a domain name with GoDaddy Use that link to save money when you register your name with GoDaddy. How do you register a domain name? Well, ...

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  2. rifinco says:

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  3. שרה גולשטיין says:

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  4. strive4impact says:

    Yep. Registered the domain name in Internet Explorer.

  5. strive4impact says:

    Might be… this video was made in 2008.

  6. Xcalibers says:

    Is that Internet explorer? O_o

  7. strive4impact says:

    What makes you say that?

  8. Aliva Singh says:

    Quite a funny video

  9. strive4impact says:

    There are few steps in the process, but GoDaddy is very helpful in getting it set up. The person you’re selling it to just needs to have a GoDaddy account that you can transfer your domain (after sold) into, and a couple of steps in the process. pretty straightforward though.

  10. Teddybearcop48 says:

    How easy is it to transfer domain names from 1 person to someone else. When selling a domain name. Thank you.

  11. bloodrocuted1993 says:

    Oh, it’s ok. I’m asking because I want to help a friend register his domain name with GoDaddy; my friend lives in Vietnam, he told me that the price is cheap since I’m living in the US. No, I didn’t get it because 1) my friend told me to register and pay for it for him and then send him the info and stuff and 2) I’ve seen quite a lot of recent reviews with negative comments about GoDaddy so yeah… 🙁

  12. strive4impact says:

    It’s a good question. Unfortunately I don’t know the answer as I pay for all of my domains 1x/year, and now use a rewards card to pay for them (so that I can get miles/points/cash back). Sorry not to be of more help. Did you get the domain you wanted?

  13. bloodrocuted1993 says:

    Hey strive4impact, I have a question about the billing and payment and I know this might sound really stupid but this is the first time I’m ever doing this so I need advice from the experienced person like you. 🙂 anyway, during the registration process, if you pay for the domain via PayPal, will you receive monthly billing mail? Because I saw it saying “monthly billing address” or something like that (I forgot) somewhere during the registration process.

  14. Science2Student says:

    I will. thank you Sir, I think that my first web will have either .com or .us of it and it gonna be educational to Android , pc, security related stuffs. thank again Sir.

  15. strive4impact says:

    You’re welcome! Hope you learned how to get your GoDaddy domain. Watch out for those upsells!

  16. Science2Student says:

    thank you buddy, awesome demonstration.

  17. muhammad al-razi mohd zain says:

    hey guys, i found a new apps for DNS Management can enable DNSSEC just one click! the Apps name DNSSocial

  18. lacka ja kane says:


  19. strive4impact says:

    I’m glad that this was helpful for you. Were you able to get your domain set up?

  20. Venkatachalam Ravindran says:

    Wonderful demonstration.

  21. strive4impact says:

    Thank-you for your comment and glad it was helpful for you!

  22. strive4impact says:

    I am a fan of HostGator as well.

  23. strive4impact says:

    Hey! Thanks so much! Were you trying to comment on ThreeMoneyMethods or CarrieAndJonathan (or one of our other sites)? Thanks for your very nice compliment!


    couldn’t comment on your home page but i would like to say you have a great channel with a variety of helpful videos great job

  25. strive4impact says:

    You are very welcome! I am glad that it was helpful for you. Have you registered domains yet?