Buy Colossus PCI Express HD Video from [url removed]!

Buy Colossus PCI Express HD Video from [url removed]!

Colossus is an internal HD PVR PCI Express card high definition (HD) video recorder for PCs. Colossus records at video resolutions up to 1080i in real time using a built-in hardware H.264 encoder. Video is recorded in an H.264 Blu-ray compatible format from any component video equipped high definition cable TELEVISION or satellite set top box. It will also record video game play at up to 1080i from the XBox360 or PS3 etc. Digital audio is recorded using AAC or Dolby Digital AIR CONDITIONING-3. Colossus also has an HDMI input for recording HD from a un-encrypted HDMI video source such as the Xbox360 or digital SLR cameras. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. Includes component video cable set, Hauppauge remote control

Price: $ 120.99



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