The BBQBarbecues Twitter is Heating Up with a Record 5000 Followers

Evesham, Worcestershire (PRWEB UK) 23 June 2013

Since the website started out several years ago, BBQBarbecues have been all too aware of the effect social media can have on a business especially a small one. With that in mind, right from the beginning the team have put a strong focus on producing content that people want to read and engaging those who take the time to talk to the business. This has helped in building the brand considerably and Ant Langston provides a brief explanation on the role of social media below:

Twitter has been just one of our priorities in this social implementation strategy along with Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus. We try to dedicate time to each and every one, but some are just naturally more popular and provide a better source of traffic and interaction. Since our fan-base on Twitter is considerably bigger than the rest, this obviously has the most potential for exposing the brand and building relationships with customers.

Now the official Twitter account for BBQBarbecues has hit 5000 followers the question is will they go for the big 10,000 or spend their time focusing on something else?

Scott Morris Head of Marketing at BBQBarbecues followed this up and stated: It always makes sense to play to your strongest suit and in our case, thats Twitter. Theres no point in us working hard to establish a following if we then abandon it and work on something else. Well still spend time on the other platforms, but as Twitter seems to be the fans favourite, well be pushing a bit harder on this than normal! By the end of the summer we hope to have increased the current follower count by at least 50%. It might be ambitious, but were confident in our strategy, business and products.

Its inevitable that the BBQBarbecues blog will also grow in popularity since a lot of tweets contain content, news and offers from there. So make sure this is on the bookmark bar before it really takes off!

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