Bar Refaeli & Jesse Heiman On Today Show Talking About Go Daddy Commercial Kiss

Well, Bar Refaeli gets to keep her dress on in Go Daddy's "Perfect Match" ad, set to air during Super Bowl XLVII -- but she has to spend a full eight seconds making out with a stereotypical...
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  1. 0e0l7i says:

    shes sooo nice

  2. aviefern says:

    He attended and graduated from the same university i went to.

  3. hrmn8ter says:

    6:58 look at his cheek. The redness just disappears.

  4. silhouettedby says:

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  5. plstne48 says:

    Actually I’m from planet Earth. But I happen to occupy a world filled with decency, that doesn’t judge a person by his his or her looks because I know there is more than that to being human being. But judge me just because I have higher standards. Not all of us want to be shallow cunts like you. So in short, I’m human and not the mindless sheep like you and everyone else who thinks the same way.

  6. Paulo Stephan says:

    welcome to planet earth dear alien,hope you like it here.

  7. R Rathore says:

    I feel she is retarded

  8. charmedgirl90 says:

    kissing was fine… sound effects were not

  9. Jaynelle C says:

    LOL very nice vidz =)

  10. Tino Costa says:

    I love this girl she’s still one of the prettiest of the world!

  11. Tino Costa says:

    She should do this comertial with me:-)

  12. cakesofdeath says:

    America is so sensitive.

  13. xBasedJokerr says:

    That Boy Is A Legend!!! He’s In Every Movie And Show Up To The First Spiderman

  14. Patrik Josefsson says:

    They censor a kiss? Yes that’s really dangerous!

  15. Shogun1982 says:

    I have to wonder if anyone would be talking about this if the “computer nerd” was a supermodel too?

  16. stockjonebills says:

    Bar Refaeli is a sweetheart..

  17. goraiders836106 says:

    How is a kiss “too far”? It is someting that most people see and experience when they are kids.

  18. Ji Hoon Chun says:

    Exactly what I thought. It reminds me of the trope “Hollywood Nerd” (and related ones).

  19. Ben Schmid says:

    Possible couple? She said that he was a great kisser.

  20. Miamicop100 says:

    And ARE THEY CENSORING THE KISS? Americans, The most double moral people on the planet:P

  21. Miamicop100 says:

    Hah! So there we have that Pety guy!

  22. itachisage says:

    and he gets more models than you….

  23. Aliva Singh says:

    That girl is only Kissing him because she Gets paid 20 k!

  24. Lucas Hernandez says:

    The Media has influenced you as well…