Taryn Southern’s Hosting Reel – 2010

This reel is a compilation of work as of November 2010 and does not include work on several series pilots or live specials. For more videos, please subscribe...

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  2. Chrismbello says:

    What is this Myspace thing?

  3. 2007dalin says:

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  4. Daniel Matalon says:

    your mother must be proud

  5. MrKlebie says:

    U r ba utiful

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  7. Optimo Iure says:

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  8. doublem1m1 says:

    she is actually really successful :O

  9. Art Howard at Night says:

    I think you should call this “Taryn Shit Up.”

  10. Larzi Ten Eigthy PEE says:

    robert downey jr…. a lucky fellow

  11. Taryn Shepherd says:

    I Love Taryn Southern I Have Her Name 😀

  12. blabkub bla says:

    miley cyrus - the climb

  13. blabkub bla says:

    miley cyrus - the climb

  14. max220392 says:

    what’s the song behind ?

  15. Taryn Michalak says:

    You have to be awesome because your a taryn… i’m one too best name ever !

  16. liboliple says:

    She’s totally american! 

  17. coolknight93 says:

    Dwayne johnson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. MrBebopChamploo says:

    Holy shit… that picture at the end… I will attempt to capture that moment with one word: perfection.

  19. Vizc3 says:


  20. Mark Ward says:

    i bet she has a tight pussy

  21. Ben Parent says:


  22. DinoCop says:

    yeah, I like her

  23. Mazzphysics says:

    she’s hawt 😀

  24. Nate Park says:

    first? somehow? and wow i didnt know you did so much