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  7. Kityo Joseph says:

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  9. Winnifred Hudson says:

    Hostgator does have many advantages, but it is not for everyone and has many hidden upsells. I found that out the hard way years ago when I used them.
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  10. Louisa Marinez says:

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  11. Mattehah says:

    “Unlimited” disk space and bandwidth doesn’t exist this is a fake thing they have done just to get more users thiking “Oh wow I can use how much diskspace I want” however a normal starter that buys web hosting will probably only use about 1GB disk space so I would recomend to use TrueHost4U we offer webhosting, vps and dedicated servers from $0.99/m

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  14. Florin Hangu says:

    Hostgator is one of the best company, but they are not the best. You can check many others, there are milions of this kind of site. Look, like this one: racknerds[dot]com ..

  15. TheAliengameplay says:

    Recently I had hosting with hosting24. The customer service is perfect. But there is a problem, the servers are not enough powerful. I could not generate a sitemap without the server going down.
    Then, I transferred to godaddy. The customer service is”BAD”. Also, there isn’t a lot of features for free. No cpanel, you need to pay for additional features.The servers are powerful.
    I want a host with lot of features, powerful servers & cheap
    Witch one is the best for me do you think?

  16. how2websiteblog says:

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  17. sohosterable says:

    Great video! Thanks for pointing out the discount. Btw, how is Hostgator compared with Mywebhosting?

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