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Image by philwirks
A great gig hosted by the Limekiln pub,Wirksworth Derbyshire and held in an old quarry behind the pub. Bands included:
I Misti, Emoc, Red Flashing lights and Serotonin

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  1. DJ Brian Eason says:

    Our biggest fans are our smallest in size!!
    Wonderful shot!
    I saw this wonderful photo in

    "your preferred picture"

  2. JennyMaldonado says:

    this is photo made me say "aww."

  3. Hopefoote, Ambassador of the Wow says:

    That’s adorable. Love the smile on the singers face. You can tell he was charmed, and I am too by this shot.

  4. fuzzylogic55 says:


  5. emy_1978 says:

    bella….un concerto esclusivo ;))

  6. StudioTempura says:

    Great shot… really well done!

  7. thorvaala says:

    Beautiful photograph