Machinima Replay – 2/4/2011: Madden Bowl XVII, Dirt 3, Super Bowl Picks & The 5 ft. Shakedown2012 Click here to watch Replay 1/28/2011: MLB 2K11, Top Spin 4, Mailbag & The 5 ft. Blanka S02E04! Replay 2/4/2011: Madden Bowl XVII, Dirt 3, Super Bowl Picks & The 5 ft. Shakedown2012 (S02E05) Constant is back from the Madden Bowl XVII in Texas to cohost with the one and only Optic Diesel. A big thank you goes out to the folks at Coke Zero for getting the Machinima Sports team out to Texas and access to the Madden Black Carpet event. Be sure to check out Replay Overtime with all the great interviews from some of your favorite NFL Superstars. In sports news, the Inside Gaming crew got the chance to preview Dirt 3. The Hands On video goes up next week, be sure to check it out. In the meantime, don't miss Inside Gaming's blog all about "Dirt 3"! And I don't know if you've heard, but there is some big event called the Super Bowl happening this weekend. Constant and Diesel give us their predictions on who will win between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Our Mailbag question of the week comes to us from @MrPhatJared who asks our hosts what game they are looking forward to this year. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 🙂 The Five Music Constant and Diesel deliver The Five which features Czek092's Gran Turismo 5 Car Review, Demonbomb102's Road to Wrestlemania 2011 Part 8, Thepapigfunk's NBA 2K11 gameplay, MaddenIQocom Madden NFL 11 cheat utilizing two back sets, and ...
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  1. GeNeTiiXx says:

    sorry i dont sit my ass on the computer all day and can spell, my bad

  2. GeNeTiiXx says:

    i believe the packers won and cut troy polamalu hair off. green and yellow green and yellow

  3. ShakeDown2012 says:

    Shout Outs to Constant and the Machinima Sports Team!

  4. jc10091 says:

    Ben Rapelisburger

  5. xR3CONR3DEMPTIONx says:

    watch the damn video in the middle he says that then hops in his YELLOW car

  6. TCool12389 says:

    its not about the steelers it is about pittsburgh and how he supports pittsburgh.

  7. thearnoldjw says:

    @xR3CONR3DEMPTIONx – What color is every team from pittsburgh?? You’re dumb.
    The hockey team, football team, baseball team, and even the college run those colors.

  8. xR3CONR3DEMPTIONx says:

    why does evrybody think “black and yellow” is about the steelers,,,,,, just cause whiz kallifa is from pittsburgh dont mean that. WATCH THE VIDEO he talking bout a car

  9. isagb123 says:

    I hate big Ben due to the rape incident but he is arguably the most underrated qb ever!!!!

  10. FTWForTheWinGaming says:

    Big Ben doesn’t even come close to Tom Brady’s LeVel
    Green Bay Cmon

  11. superbob24 says:

    I wanted to Steelers to win so I had an excuse to have Black and Yellow on repeat, but now that Lil Wayne did Green and Yellow I don’t care who wins.

  12. GeNeTiiXx says:

    green and yellow and lil wayne

  13. Daniel Solano says:

    Packers just becuase my cte teacher want the steelers to win. but go Steelers?

  14. MacKiiD says:

    10 :L

  15. pacray97 says:


  16. MikeZard123ROX says:


  17. Chazyworld says:

    go steelers!

  18. ArbiterUvDeath says:


  19. AzureEffect says:

    LOL@ Nuts in ya face….Thats wassup Shake…keep it goin

  20. koki246 says:


  21. MReuan123 says:

    first woo