Lucent Mobile Announces the Immediate Availability of JUMPSTART Platform!

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Lucent Mobile, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of JUMPSTART Platform!, a powerful new solution that helps iOS developers minimize repetitive presentation layer tasks in Xcode, while providing unlimited flexibility to extend the abilities of code without any limitation being set by the development platform.

JUMPSTART Platform! avoids the limitations set by traditional development platforms that utilize secured libraries, by producing a zero footprint Xcode solution. For an iOS application, the designer or developer can process Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks design files through the JUMPSTART Platform! and then immediately move over to working in the Native iOS environment Xcode with all presentation layer source code and Storyboard views populated. The tremendous advantage of using the JUMPSTART Platform! is that the presentation layer of an iOS application is done for you.

For developers, the advantages of using JUMPSTART Platform! include:

Speeding up development of the presentation layer
Automatically hooking up code and storyboard elements
Creating common behaviors and delegates for text fields
Automatically creating segues between view controllers
Creating button action Methods

For designers, the advantages of using JUMPSTART Platform! include:

Peace of mind that their design will be retained when handed off to a developer
Ability to show their designs on a device
Ability to start development of the application without a developer
An increase in marketability by having the presentation layer of an app jumpstarted

We are excited that developers and designers who have endured the time-consuming, repetitive processes required to build an app now have a solution that simplifies the process, said Kurt P. Pimentel, CEO at Lucent Mobile, Inc.

JUMPSTART Platform! is part of Lucent Mobile, Inc.s commitment to deliver best of breed solutions and is available for purchase now at

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