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Web Hosting Review - iPage Discount & Web Development + SEO Bonus: jeroenwaning.com Web hosting is something essential for all online businesses, and you will quickly see in this review video that iPage offers the best value. Whether you're wanting to start up your first website and begin a profitable career in personal web development, or if you want to do what I do and make money online with affiliate marketing, you'll want to take advantage of this offer. Don't forget, after using the link above, download your free web development and SEO bonus kit: downloadfreebonus.blogspot.com iPage offers unlimited domain web hosting, unlimited email addresses, 24 live chat support, 5 in advertising credits, and a lot more bells and whistles. Now, I've been in web development for over 15 years, but recently started with internet marketing. You can see that the .99/mo (first 3 months then .95/mo) is an awesome deal right away, but trust me when I say iPage is the most reliable. I can just as easily promote other web hosting companies and earn an affiliate commission, so I promise you that iPage offers the best value. You can see in this web hosting review video why iPage is the best and why I recommend it, but iPage is absolutely the most reliable. The have multiple servers that backup caches of your sites to make sure that there is almost never any downtime. I have experienced downtime very frequently with other web hosting providers, and that is the #1 revenue killer for ...
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