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  1. poohbear2849 says:

    Full friend list subbed plz CHARLES-T-53B

  2. SaYiiANxGaMinG says:

    i subbed all. add xII-SaYiiAN-IIx PSN

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    i have sub to all the youtube accs, My ps3 name is LeGit_iiSceptici
    Pleas invite me!! 😀
    peace! im need mw3 lobby

  7. Thue Fue says:

    i have sub to all the youtube accs, My ps3 name is LeGit_iiSceptici
    Pleas invite me!! 😀

  8. solutionofthewar12 says:

    Yo add me solutionofthewar

  9. TheAzranio says:

    When u doing another?

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  18. MoTiveBoSsPS3 says:

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  19. MoTiveBoSsPS3 says:

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