IGN News – Seth MacFarlane Hosting the Oscars

Full story at IGN.com go.ign.com The Family Guy Creator is confirmed to host the 85th annual Academy Awards. Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com Seth MacFarlane Hosting the Oscars TAGS: "family guy" "seth macfarlane" "seth macfarlane oscars" "85th academy awards" oscars "peter griffin" "lois griffin" "stewie griffin compilation" "brian griffin" "breaking news" "ign news" "games" trailer "hollywood" ign ignentertainment games gaming "video games" gameplay hd official 2012 "video game"

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  1. Taurus5190 says:

    Definitely. He is full of comedy, but I’m he does have a lot of old school. I haven’t seen his guest appearance on SNL yet. I’m gonna have to look it up.

  2. tshadowblade185 says:

    he will be the perfect host for the academy awards. he even said so in the roast of donald trump

  3. Dameino11 says:


  4. Emre Ozdemir says:

    He is the best host for the Academy Awards.

  5. rfp415 says:

    Yup..he knows his pop culture down to the bone lol…but idk..i wasnt really thrilled by his SNL performance , probably because i dont think he wrote the skits but yea.

  6. swatflyonlog1 says:

    You’re upset because someone has a differing opinion from your own about an animated series comprised entirely of poop jokes.

    Ya, I can see how someone who finds Family Guy funny would get upset over nothing like that.

  7. Nicholas Childe says:

    He hosted the Golden Globes.

  8. Nig Nog says:

    didnt he already host the oscars twice

  9. stfuenviousnoob says:


  10. stfuenviousnoob says:

    the oscars will be deader with seth macfarlane as host.

  11. xInfamous187x says:

    Actually you know whats funny is for the last year and a half southpark has been as bad as family guy. The only innovative animation is on adult swim. Have you seen the premiere episode of the new south park season? it was shit.

  12. Sin Sama says:

    Seth MacFarlane is my idol, Nuff said.

  13. tia40wolpol says:

    Another misleading IGN title

  14. tythegamer21 says:

    Yes someone who is actually funny

  15. InfiniteSkyCorps says:

    I am cause you’re hating on Family Guy for no apparent reason.

  16. Humberto Barreto says:

    He will be an excellent host, as long as they don’t try to censor him too much.

  17. Tylrmclstr says:

    He will be good, but not like Billy Crystal…

  18. WalkAroundDude says:

    LOL refrences so funneh XD

  19. WalkAroundDude says:

    I never try to be.

  20. maffia440 says:

    Seth looks gay. Bring on the hate BITCHES!

  21. gamerteenps3360 says:

    Seth Macfarlane is awesome, im so happy he’s hosting.

  22. Blackk Jesus says:


  23. TheHyugaClan says:

    Uhh, yes! Seth MacFarlane could host anything and make it hilarious.

  24. kfk84 says:

    Ricky Gervais should host.