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  1. tennisman991 says:

    Don’t pay too much for hosting, these guys offer great service for only two bucks a month goo.glaHrRd

  2. Nani Thota says:

    wt is the Promotional Code

  3. reinaldo velazquez says:

    I found a site that gives you free web hosting and free vps hosting. usually vps hosting cost a lot of money but they give it to you for free and you can even host your own mmorpg onine game or any server you want for free instead of keeping your pc on 24 hours a day. check out the video­M&feature=plcp

  4. thesaifiden says:

    Yes , In a week or two 🙂 Thanks for your cooperation!

  5. thesaifiden says:

    We do not provide free domain names, as it is shown in the video, you have to get your own domain. Web hosting is free but we had to stop the free hosting service also. It will be back in a week or two.

  6. Aaron Hong says:

    It’s not FREE. But the hosting, I can get. BTW, I can host it, I have servers with 1000mb/s connection – upload is the same.

  7. Aaron Hong says:

    Did you buy the domain?

  8. GeoYoungMoney says:

    Please Make a site: GDSFans(dot)Com, If this domain already used, Make Website: GDSFans(dot)Net and give me Cpanel Password Please :((( 

  9. GeoYoungMoney says:

    Please Make a site: GDSFans(dot)Com, If this domain already used, Make Website: GDSFans(dot)Net and give me Cpanel Password Please :(((

  10. Aaron Hong says:

    Don’t Worry, as there back up. They were flushing DNS so EVERYBODY’S website hosted@ was deleted due to spammers, mis-use of TOS, and hackers.
    They will be back up soon.

  11. thesaifiden says:


  12. GeoYoungMoney says:

    Please Help Me ! Graskaa.Com Makes Error: This Account Has Been Suspended
    Please Help Me!

  13. Essa Khan says:

    try Our service by creating a website in wix… then we can tell you how to get 100% free professional domain + web hosting 100GB …  just In 10 minutes .Free!!
    100% Guaranteed

  14. thesaifiden says:

    Use :

  15. Jawzwebify says:

    when i try to set the nameservers to they say that nameservers is in thier block list any help???

  16. Jawzwebify says:


  17. khaled hedi says: vps with 0.01$ 1 month, 4gb ram and 5 ips

  18. thesaifiden says:

    The plan has been upgraded to reseller plan and that also master reseller! Grab one now from graskaa(dot)com

  19. thesaifiden says:

    May I help You?

  20. Nikola Bjelanovic says:

    I fuck you mother man you gay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. thesaifiden says:

    You must have violated the terms of service. We do not delete an account without reason. Tell me your domain name so that I can check.

  22. Aniruddh Chandratre says:

    I had made a account and you the idiot have deleted my hosting….. IDIOT

  23. thesaifiden says:

    The services are available all the time. Due to spamming, miss-use and violation of TOS several times we had stop free service. Although you can get it by filling up a form @ graskaa (dot) com / register.php . You can view other services offered here: graskaa (dot) com / store

  24. Frank Williams says: is underconstruction.. when will it be available again 

  25. thesaifiden says:

    What is your email address?