DSLR Monito for sale

DSLR Monito for sale

Step Your Game Up if interested call. I have an extra battery pack for the monitor it is 30.00

This on-camera monitor for DSLR cameras and camcorders provides a clear and accurate image of what's being recorded without having to look through your camera's tiny built-in monitor. This makes framing, focusing and previewing faster and easier than before- while allowing you to position the monitor at different angles without being forced to keep your eye level with the back of the camera. The E157 HD DSLR monitor connects to your camera's hot shoe adapter, provides HDMI and BNC YPbPr inputs and comes with a 2200mAh battery for run-and-gun shooting. Continue reading to get the full scoop.

Great Outdoor Performance

Price: $ 180


Nashville, USA

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