How to Use WordPress (2 of 7) – Installing WordPress on your Bluehost Account

How to Use WordPress (2 of 7) - Installing WordPress on your Bluehost Account

Bluehost is a top recommended host for WordPress! Follow along as we demonstrate how to create a real website using WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account. Learn click-by-click how to create a static page, add a blog, upload photo galleries, and even post a resume! In this video we explain how to install WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account using our simple, 1-click installer If you need more help, just visit or call us at our headquarters 24/7, toll-free: 888-401-4678

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  1. Amy Grace van Cauwenbergh says:

    oh I see ­čÖé ill go with bluehost and .org´╗┐ then! thank you!

  2. bluehost says:

    That WordPress offer is from WordPress (dot) com not WordPress (dot) org
    The .com one does not have anything to do with our videos, but´╗┐ is a limited version of wordpress at their site, using a URL like username (dot) wordpress (dot) com and not really hosting it yourself at all.

  3. Amy Grace van Cauwenbergh says:

    Hey. So as far as I´╗┐ understand, WordPress in general is for free. I will just have to sign up with bluehost and then I can get started. WordPress offers an upgrade (domain name, 10 GB storage etc. …). Does that mean I could store my data with wordpress? But then I probably not receive any customer service…

  4. bluehost says:

    You can store your content here with your WordPress site. Can you explain what you mean about the 10 GB?´╗┐

  5. Amy Grace van Cauwenbergh says:

    Hey! Can I only use wordpress by storing my´╗┐ content externally (e.g. at bluehost)? And whats with the upgrade of 10 GB?

  6. Kevin K H Chan says:

    I used´╗┐ multiple hosts before and I find BlueHost to be one of the most comfortable experiences. If you know what you’re doing then everything on cpanel flows smoothly.

  7. Lori Miller says:

    Thanks! Very Helpful.´╗┐

  8. bluehost says:

    Absolutely! We made this video series to help people use WordPress. If it’s meeting that´╗┐ goal, we’d just assume as many people see it as possible.

  9. Oleg Baranov says:

    Can I use this video on my´╗┐ website?

  10. bluehost says:

    Let’s just say there is a reason´╗┐ WordPress suggests hosting with us!

  11. Will paija says:

    Many people also recommend HostGator.´╗┐ I dont know which one to choose

  12. bluehost says:

    We’re just glad we´╗┐ can help. Check out our other videos for even more great tips!

  13. seocom says:

    great tips!´╗┐ thanks

  14. bluehost says:

    If you are looking to migrate a WordPress site to our hosting, our´╗┐ techs are great at helping with that. They can also help you with simply installing WordPress. You can give us a call at 1 (888) 401-4678, we would be more than happy to help you!

  15. SJDC5 says:

    I don’t get one thing, i’m using blushost and I’ve signed up at wordpress but how do i´╗┐ link the two?

  16. bluehost says:

    Make sure your DNS is pointed here and´╗┐ that you are typing the correct URL. Contact support if you’re having issues still, thanks!

  17. bluehost says:

    You must have a domain´╗┐ to use, that is correct. If someone choose a domain that is already taken, they must choose another.

  18. myjunedayya says:

    So I have to register my own domain´╗┐ name in advance right?
    What if someone types in a domain name which is taken (1:35)?

  19. bluehost says:

    That’s certainly high praise, so thank you! We’ll keep trying to make´╗┐ more videos that hopefully prove as helpful as this one!

  20. Faith Gibson says:

    Think your tutorial is a class-act. Samples a ton of others but your was the most robust with excellent visual detail, well-organized information and a very personal, talented video presenter. Too bad i already have a 3 yrs contract so won’t become a customer anytime soon. However, if asked for recommendation for WP hosting, would certain will recommend you BlueHost.

  21. ken jojo says:

    when i try to log in to my´╗┐ website it says Not Found The requested URL /wp-admin was not found on this server. help?

  22. noahkitten says:


  23. Yuri Bond says:

    Great hosting provider!

  24. Patrick Fassler says:

    I already have content on my site but I am thinking about using WordPress for an big update on for the website. Is there a way that I can use WordPress and work on it without it publishing to the site and over taking everything else?

    Also, thanks for putting these videos up. They are extremely great quality and very easy to follow!´╗┐

  25. yasminnolee says:

    Thank you!´╗┐