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This video is brought to you by: Today's video goes through a detailed review and rating of the popular web hosting service. You may be surprised to find that has some interesting quirks in their criteria for running their web hosting servers. One particular quirk instantly discredits as a reliable web hosting service provider. This review and rating will illustrate in great detail the cause and consequence of utilizing a poor web hosting service such as to power your webpage.

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  1. Сергей Буйко says:

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  2. Domar338 says:

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  3. markd4686 says:

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  4. Craig Chamberlin says:

    Personally I use Bluehost, love them.

  5. nowyourenraged says:

    One website not to use is godaddy. Their php and database system is messed up. You can’t even upload a simple registration php sheet on godaddy. You will get huge amount of errors. They have a lot of storage and bandwidth but you won’t be able to build a website.

  6. T217ER says:

    so i want to create a website what site should i use?! please respond if you have any advice! thankyou

  7. webhostingratings says:

    nice video

  8. Craig Chamberlin says:

    Glad it helped!

  9. webhostingratings says:

    Great video guys thanks for sharing

  10. Craig Chamberlin says:

    I use Bluehost. Love it.

  11. Connor Riesterer says:

    what web hosting company do you use?

  12. Craig Chamberlin says:

    Meh, not really. If you get further questions, you should become a PCM Techie, it’s free. You get better support, free downloads, access too all the videos and personal consultations from me. You can get there at my website.

  13. MotorolaTriumphUser says:

    Do they still have the high latency tolerance with their sites or have they improved that?

  14. ranli23 says:

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  15. Deergab dgddd says:

    They have a great domain service so I go with them to register a domain name.

  16. chilln025 says:

    Good Job!


    thank you thank you u just saved me some valuable time

  18. Craig Chamberlin says:


  19. ryebread761 says:

    Wow, would they be ok to get a domain from though?

  20. rto2185 says:

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  21. coolykid443 says:

    i was advertising for a friend…. and he actully did get alot of coustumers and me and him were the only ones to help people. and we kept the promise of help :)

  22. Craig Chamberlin says:

    I recommend BluHost.

  23. CaliforniaKeyz says:

    thanks man i was just about to godaddy for my web host etc but i thought let me try
    to find out some more info about godaddy first and i saw your video!
    thank you for keeping me from making a huge mistake!

  24. coolykid443 says:

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  25. quantumquantum says:

    Good point – i’m thinking of creating a website myself (newbie) and the last thing I want is for people to get ticked off waiting for my pages to load. Thanks.