What is the most important question you have about hosting a high school foreign exchange student?

Question by : What is the most important question you have about hosting a high school foreign exchange student?
I am very familiar with hosting agencies and ask that agencies or any area coordinator, area representative, or local coordinator will not reply to this question. I am asking this question from the point of view of a potential host family, host parent, host sister, or host brother with no hosting experience.
I would like to open this to former host families.

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Answer by Jennifer
The most important question I usually want to know of the students we host is "Why are you doing the exchange?" Other important questions (in no particular order):
- What (specific or general terms) do you expect of us, as host parents? For example, do you expect that we will take trips to (insert names of tourist spots near to where we live) at least once a month while you are here? Do you expect that we will be strict? Do you expect us to have the same level of trust in you that your parents have? Do you expect us to help you with your homework for one hour every night? Etc.
- What personal adjustments do you expect to make and how can we help to make those happen?
- What's your favorite kind of food? What foods do you absolutely hate?
- What do you do in a typical day? How about on weekends?
- What is your family like (mother, father, siblings, personalities, habits, etc.)?
- What kind of 'living situations' have you lived in? For example, living in a small apartment in a big city where you walk to school (less than 15min away) and the mall (less than 15min away), living on a farm in the country where you take a bus for 30+min to school and your grandparents live with you as well, etc.
- Have you ever been away from your family for a significant amount of time (eg. visiting a friend who has moved away for a month)?
- What are you hobbies?
- What is your favorite family tradition?
- Can you trust us to do what's in the best interest of you?
- Can you ask for help when faced with difficulties?
- How do you show 'good' and 'bad' emotions?
The list is endless, but the reasons for doing the exchange are the most important thing - if you're heart isn't into the experience, nothing else matters.

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  1. hi hi hi says:

    i think the first question u ask is about their family traditions and then explain yours to them