Iomega StorCenter PX4-300d (diskless) 4-bay Network Storage 35098

Iomega StorCenter PX4-300d (diskless) 4-bay Network Storage 35098

Iomega StorCenter PX4-300d (diskless) 4-bay Network Storage  35098

  • High performance, Flexible configuration, Diskless option, supports SSD and SATA drives
  • Built in Iomega Cloud Technology
  • Data Replication, Device to Device Copy Jobs
  • Security Camera built in support for capture and Store video
  • Backup Functions for all computers on network, Time Machine support, Personal Cloud Backup and recovery
  • Bluetooth upload
  • Social Media sharing, integrated Facebook, Flicker and YouTube sharing
  • Torrent Download Manager

The Iomega StorCenter px4-300d Network Storage is a high performance business class desktop device, ideal for small-to medium sized businesses and distributed enterprise locations like branch and remote offices, for content sharing and data protection. Powered by EMC storage technology and with up to 12TB of storage capacity, including a diskless option, the StorCenter px4-300d device is easy to setup and manage, and affordable to own.

List Price: $ 799.99

Price: $ 499.99

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  1. jtr02a says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Slow, but Great Features… if you can get it to work., September 1, 2011

    I was in the market to purchase a NAS and after a lot of research was planning on purchasing the Synology DiskStation 5-Bay (Diskless) Scalable Network Attached Storage DS1511+ (Black), but at the last minute received an e-mail with the Iomega StorCenter PX6-300d (diskless) 6-bay Network Storage 34769 on sale marked down considerably from the $1,149.99 Retail Price Tag. When I did some investigating, several reviews commented on the performance being less than optimal, but mentioned the feature set was quite extensive. After reviewing the Iomega website and learning about their “Personal Cloud” and some other cool features not included on the Synology DS1511+ (such as a USB 3.0 connection and 2GB of RAM), I made the decision to go with this Iomega px6-300d, excited at the possibilities. Upon the devices arrival, I unpacked it to find a one page (in English) manual/Installation Guide. Not bothered terribly by this – being the nerd I am – I delved into installing Hard Drives, upgrading the 2nd (unused) SODIMM RAM slot with another PC3-10600 2GB chip, and plugging it all in after installing the Iomega Storage Manager downloaded from The device took about 5 minutes to boot up, but once it was rolling I was very delighted with how easy it was to use their web-based interface. After configuring all the device properties, I noticed that the additional 2GB RAM chip I had installed did not recognize; a little disappointing, but not a big deal. After removing the additional RAM chip, I attempted to create what they term a “Storage Pool” that would utilize the four (4) hard drives that I had installed (2x Western Digital 500GB 7.2k RPM and 2x Western Digital 400GB 7.2k RPM). I was disappointed to find that unlike the previous device I used that allowed me to create a RAID 5 Array using these discs, I had to use identical Manufacturer/Make/Model/Speed/Size Drives to make a Storage Pool. I attempted to create a RAID 0 configuration just between like drives, and it popped up with “Error” and no description, just an “Ok” button. I then attempted to just create a JBOD setup, when I was met with the same problem.
    Upon calling into Iomega Technical Support (they DO speak English as a 1st language which was a plus), I was informed that I actually needed different Hard Drives because the ones I was using we not supported – go figure… they we like 2-3 yrs old. Anywho, they let me know that the 1TB Seagate Barracuda was tested/certified to work with this system and I really needed to go drop the cash to purchase those for it to work best. A little irritated, I picked up six (6) brand new Seagate Barracuda 1TB Hard Drives. After opening and installing them all, I turned on the NAS and waited over an hour for it to boot before again calling Tech Support. I was then told to hard reset the system (via a pinhole button on the back) and unplug all the hard drives, then boot it. I did this and it took 3-4 minutes to boot before asking me to install the drives. I hot-plugged in all six drives and the system recognized them. All seemed wonderful now… right? Nope, after attempting to create a RAID 6 array (and subsequently any other type of configuration) I received the same Error message with no description. Talk about getting irritated. So then the Iomega technician proceeds to ask me to read off the full model number on the Seagate boxes, to which I responded “ST31000528AS”. He then told me that they do not support those drives. More than a little perturbed, I mentioned that the previous technician said they were approved, to which he replied that the model number they needed was actually “ST31000520AS”; the difference was I had the 7.2k RPM Drives and they only tested the 5.9k RPM Drives. Furthermore, they do not support ANY 7.2k RPM 1TB Drive (only the 2TB and 3TB 7.2k RPM Hitachi Deskstars are approved for use).
    Wow. So after wasting a full 2-3 days messing with this, I find that the only hard drives they support are not only very expensive, but also very hard to find locally (I’m in the Dallas Metroplex, so there are a lot of places to check). Last I heard, the Tier 3 Technician with whom I spoke submitted this case to their development team and it may or may not ever be resolved. What use is a NAS that only supports 6 exact model number hard drives of the hundreds out there? Why offer the system as Diskless at all?
    Let me conclude by saying that this has put a VERY bad taste in my mouth about Iomega and this product. If you DO decide to purchase this NAS, BE SURE that you ONLY USE the EXACT Hard Drives they list as specifically APPROVED. Also, ALL DRIVES MUST BE IDENTICAL…

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  2. Gaurav "lensguru" says:
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Promises a lot, delivers very little, October 1, 2012
    canuck79 (Ottawa, Canada) –

    This review is from: Iomega StorCenter PX4-300d (diskless) 4-bay Network Storage 35098 (Personal Computers)

    Despite the promised specs, the product and Iomega support have been overwhelmingly disappointing.

    Initially, the device was easy to setup and average throughput for a single sustained transfer was 75MB/s over Gigabit LAN. Unfortunately, total throughput dropped to ~30MB/s with more than one network connected (i.e. two laptops).

    I tried configuring NIC bonding using load balancing, but performance actually decreased. Not willing to give up, I purchased a Cisco switch (SLM2008T) capable of Link Aggregation (LAG) and proceeded to configure the switch and StorCenter for LAG. After the StorCenter reset, it would no longer pick up an IP address from the DHCP server on the network. Thinking I might have a bad network cable, I unplugged one of the cables and, immediately, the StorCenter picked up an IP address. I decided to back out the advanced configuration settings and start over, but suddenly, both NICs on the StorCenter now had the same MAC address, even though they were no longer bonded.

    I logged a support ticket online and received a response 3 days later recommending a Factory Reset. After taking a data backup (the StorCenter still worked using a single NIC at this point), I performed the Factory Reset, only to discover that the device then failed to pick up an IP address under any circumstance. At this point, I phoned Iomega Support, but the analyst was stumped and had no suggestions. The incident was then escalated to a senior analyst, but I received no updates for 4 days. Finally, I was contacted to arrange a replacement device to be shipped. I received the tracking number 5 days later, but the package still hasn’t been shipped.

    I later found out by looking at a firmware release notes that there’s an existing issue that applies to all StorCenter products where “you may experience a decrease in network performance” “if you bond network interface cards (NICs) on your Iomega StorCenter device and are running the device in a gigabit LAN”. This information is not published in any of their FAQs or other product documentation. I would return this if I could, but I can’t as I’ve had it for almost 2 months and have already mailed in the rebate request. On a side note, if you’re considering the purchase because of a rebate incentive, please know that the rebate process is a nightmare! Iomega repeatedly refused to honor the rebate until I sent in every single UPC on the box.

    I would not recommend this product if you require use of the advanced features; in that case, spend a bit more on one of its competitors.

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  3. Anonymous says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    low on performance high on convenience, April 29, 2012
    Gaurav “lensguru” (San Francisco) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Iomega StorCenter PX4-300d (diskless) 4-bay Network Storage 35098 (Personal Computers)

    I love this system for its convenience. Everything seems to work as you would expect though the manual could be a lot better: a picture is worth a thousand words. Performance is nowhere close to what I expected even on my gigabit ethernet. One of the coolest features was the autocopy. I set up a quiktransfer folder, connected my old external hard drive over USB and voila it copied everything into the new folder. It’s very quiet. I didn’t have any trouble with my WD caviar green 2 TB drives. I was considering buying the Drobo FS server earlier but it seems like their system is an older model and there are just too many negative reviews to go along with the positive ones. I didn’t like the price brackets for the Synology models. In the end I just trusted Iomega more. I haven’t tried any of the apps yet. The chasis is gorgeous and looks well built.

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