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I use to charge for this webinar on how to launch a wordpress based website in under 2 hours, but now I've decided to give it away for free! In this video, I walk you through setting up your own website on your own domain name. Here is what you'll learn: how to sign up for domain hosting (godaddy), how to register and configure a domain name, how to install wordpress on your new domain, and how to configure your wordpress site. All you need is a web browser and about 2 hours! WordPress isn't just for Blogging anymore: it is a great platform for portfolios, e-commerce, business, non-profit, and pretty much anything else you can imagine!

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  1. spitfirefury says:

    Awesome tutorial. Thanks for putting it together!!! 

  2. Jose Ashley says:

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  3. mudithead says:

    Hey, great video!
    Well, i followed exactly as you shared(mine too server from godaddy).
    But, one issue, was that, after installing the app on godaddy, there was no option of ‘database’ password, instalation directory and all that. The site in wordpress was launched immediately after that.. Is everything okay?
    Also, how is cpanel installation different from this? Please reply.

  4. jamemskc8 says:

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  5. VanillaPT says:

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  6. rigaiseasy says:

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  7. tvbtutorial says:

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  10. shehrozrajput says:

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  11. Dinosaur OnesyMan says:

    I’m making a website, and have a blog about it, so if anyone wants to follow my progress (and maybe learn something) go to:

  12. SrilankaCricketify says:

    can buy domain and host from godady,any where in the world who hav credit card??

  13. SrilankaCricketify says:

    can i buy a domain from srilanka

  14. jomkevg says:

    is there anyway you can help me out on mine? for some reason I do not get the option like you have on the “Add Page” where i can disable the commenting etc…

  15. starragav says:

    Thanks.. This is really helpful.. one question.. I installed wordpress on root directory few hours ago. I am still waiting ..Wordpress is not coming to my domain..:(

  16. Aaron Trank says:

    No prob :)

  17. Didi Dalaba says:

    I’ve been taking notes profusely, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  18. Aaron Trank says:


  19. OAWALKER says:

    Really good video helped me a lot 🙂