What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting? Are you tired of the "techie" trying to explain to you what web hosting is all about from his bedroom-recorded Skype video? Ever get confused with all the funny terms they drop in like "Shared Hosting" and "Dedicated Servers?" Well, we understand how you feel! Our team got together and decided to explain it in low-tech everyday terms that you can explain it to your Mom, Dad, client, or dog ­čÖé www.inmotionhosting.com Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting | InMotion Hosting

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  1. webteechy57 says:

    suchh a coool explanaton. thanks a lot. can u plz advise which hosting should i go for a blog´╗┐ (initial level) n is it posble to upgrade your share hosting to dedicated one???

  2. webhostingsreview says:

    Thanks guys for the video this was really help full the information you provided was ecaxtaly what we needed, great channel as well please fee free´╗┐ to stop buy or video’s and leave a comment. thanks

  3. david peterson says:

    great job

  4. webhostingsreview says:

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  5. webhostingratings says:

    great video´╗┐ well done

  6. DanWalshTV says:

    Well, they were explaining the services they offer. Since they don’t´╗┐ offer cloud hosting, it wasn’t mentioned.

  7. webhostingsreview says:

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  8. webhostingsreview says:

    great video inmotion well done ´╗┐

  9. Jeff Matson says:

    Did anyone else hear´╗┐ the Star Wars sound byte at 0:45?

  10. whatiswebhosting says:

    Please move your url to the top of the video description´╗┐ so users can find your site easy thanks.

  11. whatiswebhosting says:

    Great video guys as all ways your hosting is super great keep up the good work please visit our video´╗┐ an leave a comment.

  12. rto2185 says:

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  13. zipdadoda says:

    once you figure out what´╗┐ a web host is.. check hostjury.com for one that can actually host a website!

  14. Paul Konan says:

    for free web hosting or cheap website hosting´╗┐ simply go´╗┐ on google and type lengthweb . runhosting ´╗┐ .com

  15. HowMuchisWebHosting says:

    Nicely´╗┐ done!!
    Great Job on a difficult subject to make easy.

  16. MrCreationFlow says:


  17. TurnDriverSide says:

    Great video, you had me sold, but from looking at the´╗┐ services/prices available I’ll stick to my current host.

  18. fullbinky says:

    @GDPrakash stole your video´╗┐

  19. webhostingsreview says:

    Very nice video thanks for´╗┐ sharing with us.

  20. chrisrnz says:

    Simple´╗┐ but effective way of understanding these 3 concepts – good job.

  21. thesacredlife says:

    Great video, but in 2012´╗┐ they are really FOUR hosting services : shared, vps, dedicated and CLOUD hosting, so your team forgot one… I want to know about that one, and thx for the video ­čÖé

  22. Levi Voorintholt says:

    Great vid.
    Be ready to get some more views on´╗┐ this vid. It’s been featured on net.tutsplus.com!

  23. InMotionSupport says:

    Thank you! @DanWalshTV´╗┐

  24. DanWalshTV says:

    Well done´╗┐