How to Use WordPress (5 of 7) – Create a Page for Blog Posts

Bluehost is a top recommended host for WordPress! Follow along as we demonstrate how to create a real website using WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account. Learn click-by-click how to create a static page, add a blog, upload photo galleries, and even post a resume! In this video we show how to create a static webpage, which is perfect for an 'about us' page, contact information, business hours and location, etc... And we reveal the trick of how to remove comments from the page! If you need more help, just visit or call us at our headquarters 24/7, toll-free: 888-401-4678
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  1. bluehost says:

    Unfortunately you won’t be able to follow our directions exactly if you can’t make a static page. Since that theme is restricting you from making a static page, your home page is already your post page. We would suggest using a different theme in this case.

  2. Adam Bermingham says:

    Hi, new to wordpress. Followed the intructions, set blog as the posts page and it is now the same of my home page. Using Responsive theme so I cant set static page

  3. LifeStyleOverDosed says:

    Awesome stuff .:D

  4. eos1982 says:

    Hey, soon to be new user when i get home today! 😀

    But what if I want people to come to my website and then choose which page to go to. Say, I have following categories (Basketball, Writing, Personal, Videogame deveoplemt, funny stuff etc etc)

    I dont want to redirect traffic to different websites, I want everyone who wants to have contact with me on “one page” and then choose which one of “me” they want to visit. Hope this makes sense.

  5. millionpianos says:

    I want to create a musicians website, being able to sell my downloadable songs and videos as well as actual CD’s and DVD’s directly from the site. Now, is WordPress the best site builder to do this with? Is it capable? Or is there a better site builder available to create what I want to do? Also, how would I accept payment for my product where it automatically would allow the buyer to then download the media once payment has been made?

  6. qjsthoughts says:

    Thanks Four The Good Information!

  7. markrewop says:

    I made a new post and publish it, but it doest not automatically transfer to the Blog page I created. The Blog page stays blank. What am i missing?

  8. SkywardEyeMedia says:

    Whenever I try to add LINKS (blogroll) to my sidebar, it doesn’t show up on my webpage. I’ve tried moving other widgets like META and Categories to it and they’ve been successful. Please help!

  9. TuszTime says:

    Are there any ways to speed up your site? I read several articles and downloaded a cache plugin and I’m still not satisfied.

  10. TuszTime says:

    I solved my problem. Thanks!

  11. wendy4540 says:

    Thanks for the response. I am using the Twenty Eleven 1.3
    I’ll try this to see if it works. Can I also change the font color at all?

  12. bluehost says:

    You can but it can get a little messy… Most people will either install an entirely new WordPress site for their second topic (easy to do on Bluehost since all customers can have unlimited websites), or they just use categories as a means by which to separate content. You can, for example, create a page that links directly to a category which means your Blog is already sorted to display only the content you want for that given page. Hope this helps a bit!

  13. bluehost says:

    Yes you can! Well, it depends on the theme you are using as different themes have different features and options. However, you often can choose which style of page you wish (Pages –> “Edit” for the page in question –> Page Attributes –> Template), and when you go to Appearance –> Widgets, you can add links, categories, etc… to the sidebar. Hope this helps!

  14. wendy4540 says:

    Can you have links and categories on all pages? They seem to only go on the blog page.

  15. TuszTime says:

    Is there a way to create multiple blog pages on a site. For example, if you want to discuss sports and music and wanted to have a separate page for each one. If there’s a plug in that allows you to this or another feature of wordpress that allows you to do, I’d love to know about it.