Go Daddy – New GoDaddy.CO Girl

Go Daddy Girls Jillian Michaels & Danica Patrick help unveil their new colleague. The new GoDaddy.CO spokesperson (yes, .CO, not .COM) will help spread the word about the Internet's hottest new domain name, .CO. Get more now at GoDaddy.co
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  1. Azharil Azizi says:

    I LOVE Danica Patrick WONT BE MY WIFE?

  2. Giorgo Mycate says:

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  3. Tolman18 says:

    joan rivers go daddy body double. Google that and it will explain.

  4. Tolman18 says:

    It won’t allow me to apply the link to show everyone the resource that I found to back up my posts. Gotta love technology.

  5. Tolman18 says:

    I really hate YOUTUBE!!!!

  6. Tolman18 says:

    Anyways I give this video a thumbs up because it has that funny entertainment value and for a woman in her 70’s, her face really isn’t that bad considering the money and plastic surgery she put into it. Good for her if that what she wants to do with herself. A woman’s body should be however she wants it to be. More power to her if it makes her happy!!!

  7. Tolman18 says:

    The link I put below explains who the real woman is for this commercial. It’s a body double and Joan Rivers head was CGI’d onto the body doubles body. I still think this video is funny though and completely feel that people read to much into these commercials. Lighten up and enjoy these commercials for what they really are. Sex sells so I’d say that they are doing something right whether people believe it or not.

  8. Dre Anthony says:

    Love Joan, Fuck This Cunty Company

  9. Scot808080 says:

    To hell with go-daddy

  10. SummerInTahoe says:

    I see no problem with this commercial.. i think .co is the lamest thing since .info but who cares?

  11. UltraVert says:

    Not only does GoDaddy support internet censorship, they’ll even sell it to you.

  12. Doesumama says:

    Fuck you GoDaddy.

  13. andrewc513 says:

    Science is one hell of a makeup artist.

  14. Nassault630 says:

    GoDaddy, go suck SOPA’s fat chode.

  15. TheEogprod says:

    this shit makes me sick

  16. Porgishborg says:

    They’re advertising it as if it’s a PG-rated commercial for a porn website. I see so many things wrong with this company, from their terrible advertisements to their support of SOPA.

  17. obeydarklord says:

    warning: web content unrated
    yeah, fuck godaddy, their web content couldn’t get more vanilla.

  18. theawesomevidcritic says:

    I’m pretty sure the plastic surgery helped.

  19. icenehosting says:


  20. singhisking853 says:

    This was so obvious. That’s why you watch the whole video before getting a boner.

  21. wwwverzero says:

    It’s Joan Rivers and she has 78 years old !!!

  22. andylan2000 says:

    you are sooo right

  23. mrpokerplayer100 says:

    Watch this video to learn how to make free go daddy domains