How do I use Godaddy to build a website?

Question by peachy_hez: How do I use Godaddy to build a website?
My dad wants me to spruce up his sad looking website. He uses Godaddy, and I don't see where to input html or upload pics. Does he has to purchase something else or use a different program?

I've built very simple pages before, but would consider myself a beginner at building websites. If you know how to use this program, please give me some advice.

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Answer by dhvrm
You can manage your GoDaddy hosting account by logging in to GoDaddy with your dad's user name and password. On the top green menu, under Hosting, choose My Hosting Account, then click Manage Account next to the domain name that appears, and you will have all the upload / management tools you need.

If you are inexperienced at Web design, I would recommend using GoDaddy's Web Site Tonight, which is based on templates.

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  1. Sumit K says:

    I suggest you to use to select a good design for yor dad’s website and then do some editing using some html editing software like dreamweaver. If you cant do then post a project on any freelance website to hire a good web developer to make the website professional using that template ( by editing it ).

    To add/delete the files from godaddy, use their inbuild FTP option.

    I hope it helps you.