The Fat Cow 9 – Part 1

Part2: Part1: Enjoying? Then rate please Heya! There hasn't been much activity on the PvP front in terms of movies, so I decided to start working on a new installment of TFC series some weeks ago. I figured that I wanted to kick in the new year with something that I'm happy with. Therefor I've spent extra time on this one, and prolonged the production of it. The music selection has for once been "fun" due to all the tips I have gotten from my blog and Msn. Thank you for your support! Personally I would say that this is without doubt my best creation so far, and I'm very eager to hear your opinion. Special thanks to Dvno1 for helping me with this picture above and the After Effects intro in the movie. As someone mentioned the 2nd song is missing under the credits. It's Trust Company - The war is over. T_T ---[TFC 9 contains]--- 2v2 Arena - Rogue/Feral Duels Battlegrounds A few few DK clips Duels Against: Ravez - Blood DK Taca - Frost Mage Tereal - Ret Paladin Nilzzone - Shs/CB Rogue --- [Add0ns] --- eCastingbar Outfitter Trinketmenu Bagnon ­čśŤ Here's your requested armory link: My Druid Here's my blog site:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Eviserate33 says:

    Music´╗┐ at 4:50 = Egypt Central – Over and Under ENJOY :3

  2. dandarrrrr says:

    whats the song when he screams´╗┐ war is over?

  3. portumadre says:

    it says watch in HD but i see no option´╗┐ for any but 360:/

  4. MasterSethern says:

    Good then all I have to do is wait for the Razer Naga Molten O.O…. To jump in my´╗┐ hand and I will be set :3

  5. thorsalech says:

    well if you’ve really´╗┐ got that much skill with a mouse you’d be godly with keybinds, they are 100% better.

  6. MasterSethern says:

    Sigh >.>… This is why I had fraps… I am quick as hell with my clicking and moving the mouse, I can click my certain spell, and type a full ass sentence in one jump… There is´╗┐ no need to believe any different. You don’t know me… But I find it strange that people don’t believe me… Not even my own friends from school, sad world : /

  7. thorsalech says:

    nah you might not have to bullshit about´╗┐ killing people though ­čśë

  8. edza182 says:

    HE´╗┐ IS LEGEND!

  9. MasterSethern says:

    Mmmm… Well, I used to click all the time, and I could´╗┐ rape face… At level 74, my tauren hunter was killing 80 pvp geared warriors pretty damn easily… And etc… So I don’t exactly think that’s true, however I should try Keybinding, who knows I might be so hardcore no one could kill me… You think?

  10. noktamid says:

    keybinder are better then klickers to´╗┐ 1000%


    @LexieLTB requiem for´╗┐ a dream!

  12. Bushiey says:


  13. 999Maxy999 says:

    Nice´╗┐ ­čÖé

  14. Gm1887 says:

    if you havn’t binded the Q or the´╗┐ E button you can do it with them or you could do it with the mouse

  15. Gm1887 says:

    it’s called a moonwalk, and i dont think its possible to´╗┐ do it anymore,

  16. TheDruidfreak says:

    How does he run´╗┐ backwards at 2:19?!? Please tell me

  17. thatkidcash15 says:

    mhhh what that a potions at ´╗┐ 4:09????????

  18. darkenigma111 says:

    very nice video chrille, your video’s is always fun to watch because o the mix of material with arena, duels and bg. personly i think this is your best video, cuz of the editing´╗┐ and the music. still your druid is always worth to watch. “riktigt bra film, speciellt delen med dk’n Ravez”

  19. vanemdendrummen says:

    M8 you got my´╗┐ respect !

  20. nanosweets says:

    i have quit this game for about 2 months and i´╗┐ havnt felt the need to play again and i was a bit less better this fatcow cause i dont use a mouse and had a 2.3k mmr and team rating i miss it i use a track pad btw

  21. raulscarface says:

    1st Song: Requim´╗┐ for a dream
    2nd Song: War is over

  22. vickethaman says:

    first song name? really nice vid (but im still for the alliance)´╗┐ (:

  23. iwantalife123 says:

    About 2.5k´╗┐

  24. Deathbydruid09 says:

    I like how he wore down the´╗┐ mage, although from personal experience, i think that stacking bleeds, in cat and waiting it out in bear is the best way to go, nice vid ­čÖé