Livestock markets

Livestock markets
Beef cattle (73): Auctioneer Mark Northcott – 59 Under Thirty Month Fat Cattle: 14 Over Thirty Month Fat Cattle. A fantastic trade with all grades, in very strong demand, and at near record levels. 15 selling over £2 per kilo and many more urgently wanted.
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Ancient Africans Made Cheese, Settled Down
But many contained chemical signatures that were unambiguously from animal fats, the researchers report today in the journal Nature. Analyses revealed the remains of dairy products made from cow, goat and sheep's milk, dating back to between 7200 and ...
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Fertilizing the farmers
The farm-state lawmakers, and the lobbyists who swarm around the farm bill like flies in a cow pasture, are at it again now. The Senate has already passed a measure priced at $ 969 billion over the next decade. Senators .... Expose the fat cats ...
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