The Fat Cow 10 [Arena PvP] part 1

The Fat Cow 10 [Arena PvP] part 1

2 Songs are missing in the credits (Cba to rerender it for a stupid misstake like that) Adema - Freaking out and Ratatat - Lex. The footage could have been 1000 times better but I didn't want to drag it out to much. Having to rely people beeing online for movie production sucks ­čśŤ I'd still that it's worth watching if you've liked my previous movies. Hope you'll enjoy ­čśë Games are recorded at around 2400-2500 in 2's and 2550 + in 3v3, it's sad that you actually can face people that are backpeddling at at that MMR but hey it's wotlk 8) [TFC 10 contains] 2v2 Arena - Priest/Feral 3v3 - Priest/Feral/Rogu 1 Duel against Flyn [Music] Dead by April - Promise me Armin van Buuren - Sail Ratatat - Lex Andy Blueman - Neverland Adema - Freaking out [Add0ns] Blizzard Ui Armory: Here's my blog site:

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  1. ogihcy says:

    the old cat form, i miss´╗┐ it!

  2. ogihcy says:

    i used to play in that server´╗┐ back wen he used to play, and its a goodthing he quit playing the server is shit now :/

  3. AJRiku says:

    I want´╗┐ a come back ! Thumb up for Chrille !

  4. NebazMAJSODLARE says:

    yes he´╗┐ does

  5. amoarc says:

    @TheNamedOne oldschool players doesnt´╗┐ need addons to pwn ppl.

  6. Redieb says:

    11 guys prefere balence or heal.. and ist OK´╗┐ !

  7. insanofamo says:

    does´╗┐ chrille still play wow?

  8. OMGWTFBBQprest says:

    70 was even´╗┐ worse than cata

  9. MatthiasGaming says:

    Minimum addons ftw.

  10. lqyterrible says:

    dead by´╗┐ april~~lol

  11. Deejj123 says:

    He came back to wow, awhile ago, the guild DOOM SQUAD or w/e and´╗┐ all of them moved to Dragonmaw EU

    take a look

  12. DafwX says:

    Most top players´╗┐ in the world don’t use any addons at all, go have a look at Hydra or Kalimist, they don’t use any addons at all :b

  13. elodsisc says:

    alot of good players´╗┐ play with no addons

  14. arnouddelangen says:

    he does this because in tournaments´╗┐ u can’t play with addons either

  15. ProPkerTheWar says:

    he was a beast in TBC looks like’s he’s skkills has been drained a little, he plays TBC private server´╗┐ now sooo,,

  16. josh210693 says:

    im´╗┐ better

  17. hessbjcbl says:

    awesome clip. have any of you guys´╗┐ checked out the wow cheats pack at warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it’s awesome, i just down loaded the pack. it’s got totally every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the new arena glitch. i probably shouldnt reveal to folks about this however at the very least this offers you all a reasonable opportunity to obtain it before i pwn all of you

  18. gund3rt says:

    mental timers and´╗┐ such

  19. Zamliyx3 says:

    hes the best;) look…he isnt using addons…xD look to´╗┐ all these pussys at 1,5k who use thousend addons;)

  20. soaringwalrus says:

    this is´╗┐ the most horrible game in the world. PLAY CS:S!!!

  21. alexshizal says:

    this was on last year’s middsummer fest gratz Fat´╗┐ Cow ­čÖé

  22. shrappy2003 says:

    tbh ur pally couldnt touch any decent arena rated feral druid. that has a clue. you think because the feral druids you fight pushing 1 2 3 4 are almost dead´╗┐ feral sux. for 1 we have better cc than you. more burst than you. dont believe me, every paladin i fight i do the same basic moves, stun get combos to max use a combo move that gives me an instant cyclone. cyclone, most tricket so im always casting a second . heal up.. finish them off. if they bubble u lol and wait

  23. zoti4F4 says:

    no hate. but i just cant see how a feral druid can keep up the pressure i can easyily solo one on my pala´╗┐ again no hate great vid

  24. ee1807 says:

    fucken love chrille freaken amazing because of him im lvl a druid lvl 52 atm not as skilled as him but i like to belive one day ill get there i hope. i take all his tips to heart in his vids and if this is his last vid (i hope not ) ill make a vid as tribute to what i learned from´╗┐ him and all his vids

  25. Gm1887 says:

    has he start playing again?´╗┐