How can I get my eyes to be super-green?

Question by Longing Fox: How can I get my eyes to be super-green?
So far, the best thing I have found is purple eyeshadow, and black eyeliner with black mascara. What can I do to make my eyes pop to the next level? I want maximum green-ness! Also, what kind of eye shape should I go for? I really like the cat-eye look, but I can't seem to get it right. I have almond shaped eyes naturaly. I have an ivory skin tone, and brownish-blondish hair if that helps any. Thanks!!!!

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Answer by Daedalus11492
get some contact-lenses that are super green (yes they do exist)

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  1. ` cαrαmcferret. says:

    you can buy some contacts,

  2. Kiiiona ! xoxox. <3 ilu says:

    If you were born with naturally green eyes, wear contacts to enhance your green eyes, or wear contacts to completely change your eye color to green, there are ways to make your emerald eyes stand out even more than they normally would. Using specifics cosmetic products, colors, and application techniques can give you a look that truly makes your eyes pop.

    While products are important in this process, the brand of the product is not as important as the type of product. The products that you choose to wear on your eyes can be extremely expensive or very inexpensive. Depending on your desires and your budget, you might choose to use only the finest natural cosmetics. On the other hand, you may wish to pick up a slew of cosmetics for only a few dollars at the local drug store. The choice is yours, but remember that the quality of a cosmetic product does matter. In order to make your green eyes stand out, you will need two to four colors of eye shadow, one shade of thickening mascara, and one or two shades of eyeliner. The specific shades will vary depending on skin and hair color, as well as the specific color of green in your eyes.
    To start the process, use a flat eye shadow brush to apply a thin layer of skin-tone eye shadow over the entire eyelid and up to the brow bone. Younger women can choose a shimmery or matte eye shadow, but older women should use a matte eye shadow. Older women may have a crepe-like texture to their eyelids, or they may have more wrinkles; shimmery eye shadow can settle into these lines, drawing attention to them. This base coat sets the stage for the next two or three eye shadow colors.

    Next, apply a purple eye shadow over bottom portion of the eyelid, from the eyelashes to the crease. The shade of this purple should be suitable for your skin tone! The fairer your skin, the lighter the shade of purple should be. Dark shades of eye shadow on pale skin can make the eyes look bruised. If you have darker skin, feel free to use a darker color so that the hue is visibly purple. Also, you may wish to vary your purple color depending on the shade of your green eyes. Eyes that are more golden green or lime green are complemented by lighter, pinker purples. Emerald and blue-green eyes work well with plum, violet, and blue purples. Make sure you blend this eye shadow color evenly over the entire lid and into the crease.

    Next, apply a light green shade from the crease halfway up to the brow bone. This shade of green should be based on your eye color. Golden green and lime green eyes should use lighter shades, like lemongrass or mint. Emerald and blue-green eyes should still use a light shade, but the shade can be more intense, like a grass green. Blend the shade well into the base coat, but do not apply this green shade all the way up to the brow bone.

    Finally, use a darker green to intensify the crease of your eye. Choose an appropriate shade: lighter eyes are complemented better by dark lime or olive greens, while emerald or blue-green eyes work well with emerald or evergreen shades. Make sure the three eye shadow color blend well together. Do not apply any of the layers too thickly. Remember that you can always add more eye shadow for a more intense look, but that taking off eye shadow that is too heavy often means starting over again!

    To finish off this look, use mascara and eye liner. Curl the eyelashes, and then apply a thick coat of mascara to both the upper and lower lashes. Women with lighter hair should choose a lighter mascara color, like blonde or brown. Women with darker hair should use dark brown or black mascara. Next, choose either brown or purple eyeliner. Purple eyeliner adds an extra hint of color, which helps the eyes stand out. Apply the eyeliner from the outside corner of the eye, three-fourths of the way across the upper eyelid. Apply the eyeliner from the outside corner of the eye, and then one-fourth of the way across the lower lid. Blend both the upper and lower line so that they are not harsh, rough lines. Then, stand back, look in the mirror, and watch your eyes sparkle!

  3. Iknowthisone says:

    Colored contact lenses would be the way to go.

  4. Kkate says:

    Try a more red toned shadow. Green’s opposite is red so, go for a hot pink or a reddish purple. I like Urban decays Fishnet for green eyes. Its a really pretty pinky-purple.

  5. ItsWittgensteinMiss says:

    Try coloured/tinted contact lenses – you can get them from the chemist or over the internet. Purple eyeshadow is a good one, although you’ve already done that, as is the black liner and mascara. But contacts are the most effective way to change eyecolour. You can get purple, black, even red, ones.
    Bronze eyeshadow looks really good with green eyes too.

    As for the shapes, the best you can do is practise. I started out doing flicks on the outer corners of my eyes with liquid eyeliner about a year ago. It took me a few weeks to actually be able to apply it with minimum mess, and then a couple of months to get to the point where I could apply it nearly first time every time. Now I have no problems.

    Make sure you do your eyeliner first, so as not to mess anything else up – your base, or mascara or anything. Lean in close to the mirror, and rest your elbow on the tap or countertop (eventually your hand/arm will get used to being steady and you’ll be able to do it without. Make sure you have cotton buds with slightly damp ends, in order to clean up any spills/smudges/unwanted shapes. When I first started, I’d literally apply it in the most crooked line you’ve ever seen, then clean it up using the buds and add bits. It could take up to ten minutes.

    If you’re using eyeliner under your eyes, be very careful, and preferably do it in the outer corners only. Thin, thin lines too. Under-eye liner can go so easily wrong, and often makes your eyes look smaller anyway. I just use mascara there instead, opens your eyes up.

    Good luck.