Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial – Spot On

2008 GoDaddy.com Super Bowl Commercial - Spot On

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  1. MrClockWK says:

    @guyNbluejeans videos like this?

  2. CHADE47lol says:

    maybe they are lesbians?

  3. guyNbluejeans says:

    The sexual filth you see projected into the world (and into your souls) is courtesy of satan. he wants you, me and everyone else to spend eternity in hell worshipping him! You’d best wake up and see through this evil for what it is before it’s too late and get right with the Redeemer of the world — Jesus Christ!

  4. Puzzlenaut says:

    am I the only one who starting to wonder just WTF Go Daddy actually IS?

  5. headchopperz says:

    lesbos ^^

  6. rleary1 says:

    Are the 5 girls Lesbians or something? The guys are obviously dickless but why are all these women huddling around to watch Danica do absolutely nothing but lower her zipper a few inches and zip it back up. This is the lamest ad I’ve ever seen. Did someone get paid to come up with this crap?

  7. UchihaSaslee says:

    gooood question…..

  8. Venue0309 says:

    look it up

  9. koji8123 says:

    and what do you base your ‘facts’ on?

  10. dwhit013 says:

    cause they are lezbos or bi’s

  11. EpicSmith93 says:

    wait, why do the women rush over?

  12. cast390 says:

    cause they love fish to.

  13. BCdback24 says:

    its hilarious how they are smiling

  14. ilose2 says:

    why are the girls goin to the computer with a happy face

  15. justme93662 says:

    godaddy sucks.

  16. freshPrincess626 says:

    why are the women so interested…?

  17. guyhelm says:

    These are some of the worst ads on TV. So Bad.

  18. himsanjun says:

    no single other race than White. haha Awesome job, GoDaddy! (I’m being sarcastic)

  19. tez2k6 says:

    hey hows it going i made a new page lastnight check it out!! meetyourfling(.Com)

  20. lazofh says:

    that wasn’t even candice!!!! Candice is better!!

  21. Kattygirl19 says:

    i totally agreee!!!! who advertizes porn on the superbowl commercials thats so wrong…just wrong.

  22. cheetos405 says:

    candice michelle is sexy

  23. sebbag21 says:

    I agree! My fav ad..genius idea…wish they showed more of the beaver girls..Stacey Alysson is sexy..and all the beaver girls were cute!

  24. SteveSpieldberg360 says:

    come on, beer commercial, cars commercial, go daddy commercial, I think I know who watches the super bowl now.