SUPER GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE! ~ LOU CORONA ~ Raw Living Food Recipe * http *LOU CORONA'S Recipe E-Book *SHOP http *BLENDERS *SHOP in our amazon store http *AMAZON direct shopping *LOU CORONA'S Recipe E-Book http *TO ORDER REALLY RAW ALMONDS cost is for a 5 pound bag INCLUDING shipping! e-mail Bruce, the almond guy (he NO longer uses hotmail) OR call (949) 922-0919 & please tell Bruce that Dan sent you! ❤ GREEN SMOOTHIE made w/ RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT ❤ * I ngredients * — 2 cups RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT ( see the recipe video for that right here! ) — 1 bunch CILANTRO — 1 bunch SPINACH — 1 AVOCADO — 1 MANGO, roughly sliced — OPTIONAL: 1 HABANERO PEPPER — Dash of HIMALAYAN SEA SALT — ¼ cup NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS from NCP (Natural Choice Products) http — 1THAI YOUNG COCONUT WATER * P rep * — 1) If you haven't already, you must first make at least 2 cups of RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT by following the recipe in this video: — 2) Toss the RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT, CILANTRO, SPINACH, AVOCADO, MANGO, HABANERO PEPPER, HIMALAYAN SEA SALT & NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS into your Vita-mix blender, or whatever blender is the best blender for you: — 3) Open the THAI YOUNG COCONUT to get the coconut water out—watch this vid if you need help . Pour the young coconut water into the blender as ...
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  1. VanessaMarieA says:

    Do you make that yogurt? and if so how? please answer!!

  2. ajhrockerboy6 says:

    sweet. because i’ve been doing these smoothies and before these smoothies i was eating carl’s jr and pizza crap.

  3. oahudallas says:

    If you look in the back right corner it looks like he owns one… wonder why he isn’t using it… better yet, is that two greenstar juicers I spy?

  4. RonnyOnBass says:

    You need a vitamix!

  5. Surthriver says:

    Visit lifes-longevity com  If you enjoy my good friend Dan the man’s YouTube videos!

  6. heerad01 says:

    oh yeaaahh

  7. Travis casteel says:

    I have a question i read somewhere your not suppose to mix greens with fruit is that true cause its driving me crazy?!?!?

  8. Laura3strella says:

    Omg Jesus came back to give us recipes!!

  9. 10335086 says:

    sounded like he said Nutritional Essentials

  10. minderbinderful says:

    Hi Dan! I have high Cholesterol, am 10kg overweight and have real issues with my energy. I’m a hiker and in 4 weeks need to be fit enough to do a 100km walk in the mountains in 36 hours. I am afraid to detox now, is it too late. I haven’t got a juicer but I can make smoothies. Would this be sufficient. Help! and THANK YOU

  11. turtlefreakination says:

    what is the name of the nutritional powder you put into the smoothie?

  12. JohnDowneyWilson says:

    lol! theres no such thing bro

  13. createfate12 says:

    AWESOME!!! Keep going!!

  14. findingj0y says:

    Thank you! I am only a few months in to going 80% Raw. I am loving it and loving my smoothies! Your video is great. xo

  15. turtlebuster82 says:

    No wonder I’m so smart! hahaha

  16. Nikowil1 says:

    I meant .. oh baby oh yeah lick the lid

  17. Nikowil1 says:

    “oh yeah baby lick the lid … go check down below … grab a hold of my friend here” ummm yeah that’s all I need to say

  18. TheSgodoy says:

    @MrJimzyacking hey @mrjimzyacking Good luck on your whole new world of juicing and blending, i had bought they jack la layins juicer and i had to say i have no problem with it, But i also looked for a High speed Blender as well, so i bought a Ninja!! I Love my Ninja it Blends everything under the sun< just like the commercial says, Mr Montel Williams Blender has nothing on the Ninja, Good luck with your search!!

  19. halucijason says:

    I think he is refering to it as sea salt because it comes in a larger crystal form, but Himalayan (it’s really mined in Pakistan) or not, salt is salt… Sodium Chloride the other small amounts of minerals in “Himalayan” salt are not beneficial. I would just skip salt altogether.

  20. MrJimzyacking says:

    Lou…Im having a prob. which do I need to purchase, a JUICER,,,or a Blender……..? or would I need both for different use ? can ya shed some light on this,or anyone….?

  21. majikalmaiden says:

    @fetty4themaine .Dan promotes all the time for himself as do many others,thats business-I don’t think anyone would think Lou was just trying to “push”something,we want to support him or have the option-I would enjoy Lou telling me about “his”book,we all need to make a living,nothing wrong w/that..its my opinion & I’m sticking to it darlin 🙂 drink up & relax

  22. majikalmaiden says:

    @fetty4themaine sweetie I’m chill,don’t fret..It wasn’t just Lou’s book,it was also his friends almonds & worries thats how “I” interpreted his comments- I don’t need anyone to help me interpret what was meant-i

  23. majikalmaiden says:

    funny I can’t seem to respond,my response won’t show

  24. fetty4themaine says:

    he meant it as in that Lou is not trying to sell his stuff so it was dan’s idea to promote it so people don’t think “all Lou is trying to do is sell me things” 🙂 chillax

  25. mykylc says:

    So you soak the almonds to get that shell off?