Fat Cow Host Review

Fat Cow Host Review

My websites simply just need to get a job done. Either provide people information on one of my services or hold my blog or perhaps store some photographs. All I want is for them to work consistently and without me having to learn a hundred and one things before hand! A lot of hosting companies don't make that easy, they'll talk about things I can't understand and needing me to go through a ton of options before being able to do what I want. On top of that I love hosting plans that provide really simple ways to get seemingly complex things done, be it e-commerce with PayPal or large shopping carts.

The only problem with some of these sites is that they limit you to sites made via their own site builder program and don't allow you to design your own site and develop from there. Obviously this is completely unsatisfactory for anyone wanting to develop any sort of even remotely advanced site! On the other hand I know I wanted some support in the beginning and still do, especially with things like e-commerce.

The hosting company that I've found which fits these needs as tightly as any other is Fat Cow. For small companies and individuals with more complex requirements, they offer one great package that fits all. Now I know that this may mean that some people will feel they're paying more than they have to for features they don't need but that is a criticism you can throw at most hosting companies and if you take a look at the features Fat Cow offers you'll find that most are relevant to most people. They include up to 1500 POP3/IMAP accounts alongside 150GB of bandwidth and 15Gb of storage. This is supplemented further by a public SSL certificate.

The two sections which let Fat Cow down a little bit are their customer service and control panel. With regards to the former, Fat Cow does not offer 24/7 support either by phone or by messaging and in fact they have no messaging support at all and this can lead to some infuriating waits. Turning to the control panel, I've found it really hard to navigate without much guidance at all.

So overall, what do I think of Fat Cow? They're a good solution but not the best, whilst they do make things easy for those of us who aren't great technically but their relaxed attitude to work has clearly led to some corners being cut in terms of service.

There are literally hundreds of Web Hosting companies out there and choosing the right one for your specific needs can be a daunting task.
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