Applying for US Citizenship Part 3 of 4

Debby Alter from JFVS gives detailed instructions on how to apply for United States Citizenship. This part includes a mock interview featuring actress Cristina Gonzalez. Part 3 of 4- Thank you for the positive feedback. Cristina will be hosting another immigration video in July 2011.

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  1. robin20005 says:

    Angelique38200 que es oath of allegiance.

  2. robin20005 says:

    Angelique38200 la pregunta es: que es oath of allegiance. Juramento de Lealtad

  3. robin20005 says:

    Chapis99 comparta todo lo de su entrevista; todos esperamos que compartan sus experiencias. Gracias por el video.

  4. EMandLOONEY says:

    huh you get to do oath on the same day of the naturalization interview?

  5. Cynthia5612 says:

    yo todavia no ten go mi cita y tego mucho nervios nose si pueda soy una prsona mu insegura

  6. harrietLA says:


  7. dhzhou888 says:


  8. Daniel79876 says:

    nobody cares your problem =))

  9. chapis99 says:


  10. bdaMatt says:

    She is a dirty liar…..NO-ONE likes living in New Jersey

  11. MrJuanjose101 says:

    la entrebista no tarda mucho yo mande la solisitud en disiembre y ya para manana tengo la sita para el ecsamen

  12. gabo22sr says:


  13. GBCA12345able says:

    Me pueden decir q tiempo demora la entrevista?

  14. angelique38200 says:

    no entiendo la pregunta alla 4:51,
    please someone help me and can someone scrite what the two women tell at 4:51 ?

  15. Mi37591 says:

    Who the fuck wants to apply to be a fucking American?

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  24. Kadijhita says:

    Amigos oren por mi el dia viernes 20 tengo mi entrevista para la ciudadania por favor les pido a todos que oren por mi…GRACIAS!!!!!

  25. jacobwolf124 says:

    Best of luck I welcome you if you wish to come to the US the legal way, and please learn English.