Whats the best Linux for Desktop or WebServer? WHM Cpanel Web Hosting Security tips.

Whats the best Linux for Desktop or WebServer? WHM Cpanel Web Hosting Security tips.

Whats the best Linux for Desktop or WebServer? WHM Cpanel Web Hosting Security tips. Linux really has come a very long way, Red Hat, Centos, Umbuntu & Suse are some of the best Distros of Linux I have worked with. If your looking to use Linux for a work station or desktop there are a couple flavors your going to want to try. If your a web geek like myself and looking to run a Web Server, look no further then Cenots. Centos teams perfectly with Cpanel and WHM. With some security tweaks it can be very stable and server many websites. If your looking for affordable secure linux web hosting check out. mixcat.com We have hosting starting at .95 per month with unlimited emails & secured MySQL I hope you enjoy the video, -Pete Mixcat.com mixcatcom
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  1. studyphp says:

    @orhanc1 Me too.

  2. skottjeffrey says:

    I really enjoyed the video, this is completely valid cheaplinuxwebhosting.blogspot.com/2011/07/linux-web-hosting

  3. orhanc1 says:

    I liked the video as soon as you said “Hope your life is going well.”

  4. soulknifehunter says:

    Also, when you mention host based hardening you should take more about SELinux and app armor.

  5. backbreaker95 says:

    ok , now where do you get the actual webs server?

  6. WorkFromHome001 says:

    After 35+ years of computing I must say Cpanel is one of the best I have ever used!

  7. A135S4656 says:

    Ubuntu ftw, it’s easy, stuff can be installed easy, big packages, Software Center, lots of tutorials on the web, Cinelerra compatibility, and just the looks of it. Mint, is just as good. I have Ubuntu installed though.
    Fedora, like Ubuntu has the gnome stuff of Debian, only there’s more complications, like you use Terminal for most stuff.

  8. snoopdoggXL says:

    i am using fire fox right now

  9. LinuxUser269 says:

    Puppy linux is great it wll run live from cd no hard drive needed A save file can be put on a usb storage

  10. mixcatcom says:

    @Pepsifx357 If your running a web server Centos is the only Free Linux distro I will use. It is really good. I have over 400 domains on one of my servers and load stays at 1% That with cpanel and your rocking. But on the desktop side there are a couple good distros I do like Umbuntu.
    All the best,

  11. Pepsifx357 says:

    I’ve always wondered about centos. I always hear, “Get FEDORA!” I have Ubuntu on my desktop and server.

  12. govinda1pk says:

    @mixcatcom Thank you sir 🙂

  13. mixcatcom says:

    @govinda1pk I would download Centos 5 its really nice and support most any hardware you might toss at it.
    You skill-set over the years has vastly improved, your very talented my friend ;o)

  14. govinda1pk says:

    Howdy sir :-)

    I still have a huge stuff to learn about linux 🙂 ubuntu was the last linux i used 🙁 i couldn’t manage to install the centOS that you sent sir – i forgot what happened but i’m going to give another try soon 🙂

  15. mixcatcom says:

    @dcs1771 Good way to explain it too..
    We are always leaning ;o)
    Hope your up to something exciting this weekend.

  16. dcs1771 says:

    @mixcatcom Nice, clean way to explain it.

    I tend to compare it to real estate. Its so comparable for both the website owner and the server/reseller owner.

  17. mixcatcom says:

    @dcs1771 Just got is yesterday. I have my domain name… Domain.com but why do I need hosting? I explained its where your website lives, like a giant computer with your files on it (website) that everyone in the world can see. It takes a lot of care and time to keep these servers running well so you pay for the space on that server. Just like any other utility.
    Hope your having a good weekend,

  18. dcs1771 says:


    I agree about the questions.
    I get the ‘what’s hosting’ question 9 out 10 times with clients.