Learn Every Brewing Method for Free at First-Ever Consumer Coffee Conference

Warrenville, IL (PRWEB) February 17, 2012

Enter CoffeeCON 2012, Kevin Sinnott's creation. In the sleepy Chicago suburb of Warrenville, Illinois, he unveils this special day-long consumer coffee conference on Saturday, February 25, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the IBEW building, 28600 Bella Vista Parkway.

"Coffee is better than wine," says two-time coffee author and brewing expert Kevin Sinnott. "But, wine comes ready to drink. Popping a cork is easy and screw tops even easier. Coffee must be prepared moments before consumption. Most home brewers destroy the subtle flavors. I'm making it my mission in life to give people a chance to learn how to appreciate coffee and how to brew it. More people have had good wine than good coffee."

This coffee-obsessive is creating the ultimate first-ever consumer coffee conference that is drawing top experts from around the world to create a coffee university where they will teach every brewing method available.

For years there have been conventions for coffee buyers, sellers and shopkeepers, but nothing for people who just drink coffee, says Sinnott.

While the quality of beans has increased the ability to brew great coffee, it can often be a mystery to the average person. Then there are the coffee connoisseurs who want to expand their palates and knowledge of brewing styles but can't experience everything, even at local roaster seminars.

The French press can make or break your coffee if youve never learned to use it properly, Sinnott explained. Most automatic drip coffeemakers dont get water hot enough. Or they expose the grounds to hot water long enough to extract bitterness. Then the consumer backs off the coffee formula and ends up with weak, bitter coffee.

At CoffeeCON 2012, Sinnott is creating something for everyone.

Hands-on labs will be available to learn all the latest methods of Slow-Brew, including Chemex, French Press, Hario Drippers, and Syphon/Vacuum methods. Even Mustafa Arat of Turkish Coffee World in California has been invited to demonstrate how to make authentic Turkish coffee.

George Howell of Boston, one of the founding fathers of specialty coffee, will teach seminar attendees how to become discriminating coffee tasters. They will taste six coffees from around the world and catch the difference between new crop and past crop, ripe and unripe.

Home espresso expert Jim Schulman will teach Basics to Third Wave in his class. Participants will find their home espresso greatly improved after attending.

Geoff Watts, vice president of coffee at Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea will speak on what conditions lead to great coffee and the impact of quality at every stage from farm to cup.

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