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I need a free web hosting web site with high bandwhitch (didn't spell that right) and pretty high room.

Thanks Jake

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Answer by robert257a
Not sure of any free ones out there, and the ads would drive you nuts and poor performance as well. FatCow ain't too shabby for $ 66/year with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.

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  1. BT says:

    most free blogging sites will give you everything you need for a simple site. blogger.com, wordpress.com etc. However you usually have to use the url they give you (the free ones anyway) and I don’t think you get FTP access.

  2. A says:

    http://bestwebhostonline.weebly.com/ check out this web hosting site! there is alot of space and has everything you could possibly need. its not free buts it it $ 1.99 a month..check it out!

  3. Jana I says:

    you can take a look at hostingcouponoffer. they have unlimited web space and data transfer and the coupon code can save $ 2/mo or $ 24 per year.set your criteria first. hope it helps:)

  4. Billy says:

    Free web hosting companies come with ad banners which can be quite annoying to your users. Rather, you can try cheap and economical web hosting. I’d recommend you iPage. You can book an iPage free domain registration great with your web hosting package. It offers Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Monthly Transfer on Bandwidth. You can also get the web hosting plans a discounts: http://www.webhostingbreak.com/ipage-coupon/

  5. Tina says:

    If you’re looking for a cheap web host, I suggest you sign up for WEBHOSTINGPAD. I have a friend who was always complaining about how there’s always downtime with his web host and he wasn’t too happy about the support as well. So I recommended him to WEBHOSTINGPAD and he switched over right away because he just couldn’t stand paying money for a crappy web host and now he’s paying less and is more than satisfied with what I recommended him.

    Here’s a link to it: http://tinyurl.com/2d4begc


  6. ogd_la_muerte_de_distribudores says:

    With this web hosting they have a lot of space and bandwidth so your site can grow and your can store a lot of things for your site as well as a blog and photo gallery. Basically it should fit all of your needs.

    With this web hosting you get a decent amount of space and bandwidth for a very small price, plus you can register a domain through them at low cost. Not to mention when you use the discount code ‘disturbedgrl88’ (no space or quotations) you get 10% off your purchase of web hosting or a domain name.

    With this web host you get a variety of packages to choose from, I suggest going with the basic plan if you want to try the free version first. You get 1000 MB of space and 20GB of Bandwidth on the basic plan which is well enough for most sites that are just starting out. You can always upgrade to the paid versions if you want to

    All of these are absolutely free with no ads by the company that provides the service although you can add your own ads if you like.

  7. samir says:

    You can try http://www.indianetcraft.com

    they are providing free domain registration with their hosting packages, their hosting starts around 22$ per year, with superb uptime and support.

    There is nothing free in this world….

  8. Nathan says:

    Go to my website and check out my website guide! It has a section outlining how to pick out the best host for your needs, and I also give a recommended web host that grants 100GB bandwidth.

    Check it out, stick around for a while too because soon guides will be going up on how to draw in more traffic, boost your Google ranking, and even make money off of your free site!

  9. Michael says:

    Get premium PAID web hosting for free like I did at http://earnfreehosting.com

    They buy people web hosting accounts for like a year+