The Epicurean Birder Reveals: Five Places to Get Fat While Birding ? a New Series for Culinary Review

Portal, AZ (PRWEB) January 27, 2012

Naturalist Journeys publishes the Epicurean Birder blog and their current feature is Jamaica. Why Jamaica? Of forty nature destinations offered in 2012, the company ranks Jamaica as its top-pick nature tour for Epicurean delights. Jamaican foods are as vibrant as the island?s cultures: Ackee, sweet potato, Scotch Bonnet peppers, lime, coconut, cassava, lobster, plantain, callaloo, curried shrimp, saltfish, rice and gungo peas, pimento, chayote, ginger, tamarind, soursop, passion fruit? In the cold of mid-winter just naming the flavor-packed ingredients of Jamaican cooking brings zesty inspiration.

Naturalist Journey?s Epicurean Birder suggests sampling the island?s quieter eastern side, best accessed from Kingston. There, on Jamaica?s University of Technology?s grounds, try the first of their "Five Place to Get Fat While Birding." Lillian?s Restaurant, adjacent to a sculpture park, hosts a wrap-around porch and a program to train students in hospitality. Award-winning Chef Karl Thomas features state-of-the-art contemporary Caribbean cuisine, urging students to excel in innovative culinary skills. There?s a viewing window inside to watch preparation. It?s a busy place to join locals enjoying the casual but elegant atmosphere; one suited to the National Historic Monument designation granted two years ago to the 1912 bungalow-style building that it?s housed in. Reservations recommended: 876.927.1615.

A Top Pick on their list, on the north coast, the Epicurean Birder endorses Hotel Mockingbird Hill?s Mille Fleurs. Birding Jamaica is a thrill, but field time can be exhausting and diners appreciate the return to this lovely oasis, with its lush gardens, inviting pool, and old-fashioned restaurant chalkboard on which Chefs describe the day?s specialties several hours ahead of the meal. The hotel staff observes clients as they struggle with selection and later savor the presentation. How to choose between Coconut and Garlic or Tomato and Sweet Potato soup; between Jerk-spiced Pimento-crusted Tofu, Aubergine in Red Stripe Beer Batter on Sweet Pea Puree, Callaloo and Feta Stuffed Chicken, or Coconut Fish Baked in Banana Leaves? A diner?s final choice is that of sumptuous desserts: Soursop Sorbet, Guava Cr

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