How does Linux hosting without CPanel look like?

Question by Bachelor boy: How does Linux hosting without CPanel look like?
Im new to VPS hosting. I need a linux hosting with php and mysql.

I will not be including CPanel in my hosting. Can I manage or do I have to struggle ?
Can anyone give me a link on how VPS hosting will look like for Linux /

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Answer by inclusive_disjunction
Technically speaking, it won't "look" like anything. If the host doesn't provide an alternative web interface to configure it, you will probably have to connect to it using an SSH client. If you do this, you will have a screen similar to the following (depending on the SSH client):

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  1. ѕυиzєαℓ says:


    Well, if you have enough money, even you can put cPanel in your linux, although you will have to pay certain amount for cPanel every month and for most of the people its pretty expensive as its like around 16$ /month.

    Although their are alternative to the cPanel too i.e Kloxx Panel, its similar to cPanel although certain features are slight less and different UI.

    Here is the screenshot of kloxxo panel :

    If you have any more doubts, feel free to mail me.