What free web hosting providers allow you to point a domain you registered to them?

Question by DarkSerge5: What free web hosting providers allow you to point a domain you registered to them?
I have a domain name I registered not too long ago. However, I don't really have much money to use a paid web hosting service. Are there any free web hosting providers out there that allow you to use their hosting with a registered domain?

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Answer by Nate D
I use http://www.newinternetdomains.com

With them I get free hosting, or I can point the domain to any other host!

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  1. Kerry says:

    Yes there is. Just check out this page for a list of some quality free hosting providers then register according to your requirements http://www.webhostpark.com/free-hosting

  2. IT says:

    Yes, you can do that with weebly.com

  3. help_er says:

    You can try with http://awardspace.com 🙂

  4. livewyre says:

    Yes 000webhost do exactly that and even have a cut-down version of cpanel- hosting is completely free and they don’t interfere with your site in any way (no adverts etc..).
    I have tried them and am impressed with their free service (they also offer a paid service, so they are presumably hoping that you will eventually want to upgrade).
    I have put a load of free website stuff up at the following URL:
    The specific link to the 000web hosts is below:

  5. Domain says:

    Yes you can point your domain and get absolutely free web hosting – no ads,no banners or text links of any kind at http://www.website.name – it’s completely clear of any reference to being a free hosting service.

    Set up your site there on a free sub-domain and then point your already registered domain name there.You can check out the free web hosting panel before signing up.

    Otherwise you could set up a free http://Yola.com account and build your site on a free sub-domain and/or point your domain there.This is a very good free website builder with free hosting but you will have a Yola free web hosting text link at the footer of each of your pages.