Michael Scheuer Slams CNN Host Over Libya: ‘You’re Just Carrying the Water for Mr. Obama’

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  1. HousekaterClaudio says:

    Two disgusting CNN-Bitches trying to brainwash again. Fuck those utterly dishonest and morally low Scumbags in the US Mainstream media!

  2. eamonearly says:

    Obama awards $433 million no-bid contract for questionable drug to — top donor! Collusion much? Fraud much? Bribes much? Jail time please?

    Obama + Romney = Goldman sachs puppets & stand behind Israel’s attack on USS LIBERTY(34 soldiers DEAD!74 wounded for life)! Wake up AMERICA! Remember the LAVON AFFAIR?Stop using Sons&Daughters of this country as Israeli cannon fire. Bring ALLtroops home!

    RON PAUL 2012

  3. walliwperez54 says:

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  4. mjoseph1 says:

    Why driver? Yada.

  5. mjoseph1 says:

    Anyone reading his book?

  6. mikejpete says:

    Central News Network-Central Intelligence Agency. CNN=CIA MSNBC=Democrat Fox=Republican

  7. mrframeofmind1 says:

    CNN does carry the government water daily, so much so I think the government should pay there salaries since CNN is “The Ministry of Propaganda”

  8. catchphrayse says:

    this guy is the man!

  9. Eric21ND says:

    I never get tired of this ownage.

  10. Eric21ND says:

    @AlwaysSomething Don’t blame the stupidity of the American populace on me. Take it up with your top-down government run schools.

  11. MrDavidTank says:

    media sluts

  12. riprandy318 says:

    haha that was great._ END THE FED_ Ron Paul 2012. “Its time to cut the head off the snake”

  13. HillcrestCapital says:


  14. CptSpauIding says:

    the smile on his face at the end… love it

  15. AlwaysSomething says:

    @Eric21ND You are the problem in America (assuming you are from here). This is why Americans feel that if you can’t make your point before we lose our attention span then you are worthless. This is why people don’t get Ron Paul. He actually talks in sentences, with substance. The average person shuts down after a minute and stops listening, therefore form an opinion in the minute they were paying attention and then voting for the asshole you hear say something you like in 30 secs.

  16. AsciiSillyQuestion says:

    I must say I never would have pulled a Bush and tried to forcibly export democracy, but I must also admit that I thought there might have been some chance that it would worked. I didn’t dismiss it as ridiculous on the face of it assuming that those in charge might actually know something. Shame on me. Ten years of US failure, and also listening to this guy have taught me something. I can’t even give the government the benefit of the doubt when I am ignorant.

  17. 26NARMO says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I love it when the media guys try to miss with strong guys like Dr . Paul & Mr . Scheuer . ( you are carrying the water ) he turn them from offence to defence position .

  18. imrankh68 says:

    Media whore: The economy and mission in Libya are two separate issues.
    Michael Scheuer: They are not separate, you certainly are carrying the water for Mr. Obama.
    One word, OWNAGE

  19. MontagesnMore says:

    Mr. Scheuer – 1
    Presstitutes – 0

  20. InYourMomsBox says:

    this guy is amazing.

  21. edgar0001 says:

    ignored now+in future history:

    LIBYA- NATO- rebels: ethnic cleansing of the town of Tawerga with 10,000 inhabitans !

    Look how intelligently the newspaper manipulates ethnic cleansing in the title !

    telegraph. co. uk/news/worldnews/africaandind­­ianocean/libya/8754375/Gaddaf­i­s-ghost-town-after-the-loyal­is­ts-retreat.html officer of the rebels: “We said if they didn’t go, they would be conquered and imprisoned. Every single one of them has left, and we will never allow them to come back.”

  22. pjmack79 says:

    bitches, lol. hmm who knows more…liberal state media or former spook? gee i don’t know…lmao.

  23. Eric21ND says:

    I can’t take these long, exhaustive 6:00 min interviews…time for a nap!

  24. grands1am says:

    I love the smile that comes over his face at 4:25 as he thinks, “This woman is actually trying to tell me this”

  25. grands1am says:

    OK, so 350 likes and virtually no dislikes, and we still have the current political situation we do. I’m starting to think that the truth isn’t working…