GTR Evolution

GTR Evolution

  • 49 Unique cars in 12 classes with over 500 variations--combines the elements of racing with touringcars, GT cars, formula cars and sportscars
  • 19 tracks and over 40 different layouts, including the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife
  • 26 brand new GT car models in 4 different classes, including a selection of exclusive production cars
  • WTCC Extreme Cars--evolution concept cars developed together with the car manufacturers of the WTCC

GTR Evolution will contain 5 new classes containing a total of 30 new car models. First there are 3 classes of GT cars, each class with its own type of GT cars. In these classes you can find famous race cars such as the Corvette C6R, Aston Martin DBR9, BMW M3 GTR, Koenigsegg CCGT and Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R. Next to 3 GT classes there will be the WTCC Extreme cars. These are fictional designs of the vision of SimBin together with the WTCC Manufacturers on how the ultimate WTCC car could look. To f

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Price: $ 6.49

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  1. DP says:
    35 of 35 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    If you liked Race 07, this is for you but it’s not GTR2, September 23, 2008
    DP (Frisco, Texas United States) –

    This review is from: GTR Evolution (DVD-ROM)

    When I saw GTR Evo at Amazon, I jumped at it thinking “Finally. An update to GTR2.” I was wrong.

    GTR2 is probably the best racing simulation game out there. It has all the detail and depth you might want from a simulation: the physics system is excellent, AI cars are appropriately aggressive and smart, car setup and configuration options are extremely detailed, and there is an excellent tutorial system that will educate you as a simulation racing driver. In short an excellent simulation and a must for any racing simulation fan. However, GTR2 is now several years old, so an update is possibly in order. This, unfortunately, is not it. Still, that’s not all bad.

    Compared to GTR2, Race and Race 07 were both good racing simulations but not designed to be as realistic as GTR2. GTR Evo is an extension of Simbin’s Race and Race 07 game franchise. Like Race 07, GTR Evo takes the existing game and adds some new cars and some new tracks. (So, if you buy GTR Evo, you will have all the Race 07 game features, cars, and tracks.) Anyone who is familiar with the Race franchise will feel right at home with the menus, options, and general look and feel of the game.

    The additions to this game are primarily GT-class cars such as Corvette, Aston Martin, Lister Storm, and others. (Conspicuously absent are Porsches and Ferraris, both prominent in GT racing.) The game also includes some “fantasy” cars. For example, the Audi R8 supercar is included, although Audi has not confirmed racing plans for it yet. Also there is a set of WTCC Extreme cars, that give the touring cars from Race 07 600+ horsepower, just in case you wanted to know what a 600 HP front-wheel driver was like.

    The game adds some new tracks and combines them with the old ones. However, there is one addition here that, by itself, is worth the price of admission: The Nurburgring. The game includes the ‘Ring in all its 16-mile, 8-minutes per lap glory. This is a challenging track; sweeping curves, fast sections that drop to slow corners, the famous Karussel; it’s all here. If you think you’re as good as Sabine Schmidt, “Queen of the Ring”, here’s your chance to find out.

    Like Race, GTR Evo features car setup that, while not as detailed as GTR2, allows for customizing of your car’s handling and performance characteristics. GTR Evo does carry over Race 07’s great preconfigured files feature, that provide a good starting setup for each individual car for each track.

    Drivability is very good and the physics engine gives good approximations of real-world driving characteristics (like front-wheel drive oversteer). Simbin has improved the sound effects, adding to the realism. The AI drivers are good if not quite as aggressive as you might like.

    The traditional multiplayer, championship, and practice/time attack modes are still there, with the addition of a R-Arcade quick race mode.

    Bottom line: This is a good simulation for those wanting a realistic racing sim. This is a good extension of the Race franchise and fans will not be disappointed. However, hard-core racing enthusiasts may want to stick to GTR2.

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  2. RB says:
    92 of 102 people found the following review helpful:
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Be Aware, October 24, 2008

    This review is from: GTR Evolution (DVD-ROM)

    GTR Evolution will install Securom copy protection software on your system.

    A description of Securom by another Amazon customer:

    “The primary concerns are these:

    – Securom is an undocumented program that is designed to, can, and does alter the function of a computer upon which it is installed, and it is installed without the user’s knowledge, consent, nor control.
    – It actively runs without notice to the user, has access to the computer kernel, utilizes the user’s computer resources, the user has no control over its operation, and it transmits unknown information over the user’s internet connection without the user’s knowledge.
    – Securom installs hidden files, folders, and undeletable registry entries upon execution, but does not fully uninstall when the associated software is uninstalled.
    – Securom is not named, notated nor fully documented anywhere on packaging nor digital download description at point of purchase.”

    The boxed DVD contains two versions of the game, an Offline and an Online Steam version. The offline version will definitely install Securom. Even after allowing the system changes identified by antivirus software as an “invader” the game still would not launch.

    I then tried the Online version. After installing the Steam software and registering the CD key, the Steam install screen said it would take 2 days+21hrs to install from the DVD, an apparent symptom of trying to verify every single file. It appears the online version was using Securom disk verification as well.

    A separate issue is after manual installation with help from Steam Customer Support “updating” the game with Steam requires a 4GB download, 7 hours via a DSL connection. Apparently you have to download the full game even with the purchased DVD.

    There is a number of pending class action lawsuits regarding Securom use by other game manufacturers. I have games like GTR2 that use older versions of Securom with no problems, but the newer 7.3x versions seem of particular concern. My copy of GTR Evo was using Securom v7.37.

    Do some research before installing this game.

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  3. William Near Jr. says:
    16 of 18 people found the following review helpful:
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Fun to play, but has a convoluted implementation, November 7, 2008

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: GTR Evolution (DVD-ROM)

    Since the game play details have already been extensively discussed in prior reviews here, let me discuss what I consider a major flaw in the implementation of GTR Evolution that not one reviewer has covered.

    The game comes in four parts:

    1) Steam
    2) GTR Evolution Offline
    3) GTR Evolution Online
    4) Race 07 Dedicated Server

    Installing ALL aspects of this game eats up approximately 9 GBs of hard drive space!

    The Steam application is used to look for online games (not just GTR Evolution games) as well as chat with your buddies and everything else, except the kitchen sink (basically, it’s another version of GameSpy bloatware). You MUST install Steam in order to play online.

    GTR Offline only contains the game made for offline playing and there is no way to play online once you have loaded this version of the game. Instead, you have to exit the offline version and load in the online version of the game. This is a ridiculous implementation and the first time I have seen such a convoluted design in a game. The load times are horrendous! I have a 4 hard drive (7,200 RPM) RAID array and it still takes a fair amount of time to get the game up and running.

    GTR Online is the EXACT SAME GAME as the Offline version, except it contains the Multiplayer menu option. It seems that the designers want you to think you have to install the Offline version of the game in order to play a Championship, but this simply isn’t true. You can play the exact same Championship in the Online version of the game as you can with the Offline version (Championship mode has nothing to do with being online or offline). The silly thing is, if you start a Championship in the offline version, the online version can’t see your saved progress (and vice-versa). So, you can actually have two entirely separate Championships going, one in the offline version of the game and the other in the online version of the game (remember, being “online” has absolutely nothing to do with the Championship mode).

    Here’s the really STUPID part of this whole mess… If you launch the Online version of GTR Evolution and have the audacity to actually host a game you are LOCKED INTO PLAYING THE SAME TRACK OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND… well you get the picture. There is absolutely no way to change tracks if you host this way. You need to stop your server from within the Online version of the game and start a new server with the next track you want to race — your buddies will also have to rejoin your server. Pure genius programming. What you have to do is…

    Install the Race 07 Dedicated Server application. Basically, what this does is launch a window on your desktop where you select the cars, tracks, rules for the races, etc. that you want to use on your dedicated server. This is a stand-alone application and has no relationship to actually playing the game yourself. Once you launch the Dedicated Server, which takes forever to get up and running on my well-equipped system, you then have to launch the actual GTR Evolution Online game and look for your dedicated server (either in the LAN or Internet areas of the interface — LAN will give you a better ping to your own game, obviously). Here’s where the fun really begins… The dedicated server will always start at the first track in the list of available tracks that you have set up and will go through them one by one in order. There is no way to tell the dedicated server what track to start with or to simply be able to pick a specific track you want to play at any given moment. Instead, what you have to do is either step through the tracks in order from within the Online version of the game or go back out to your desktop and step through the tracks one at a time until you get to the one you really want to play. Here’s the real gotcha — every time you change tracks from either within the online game or the dedicated interface on your desktop, the system loads each of the tracks into the game, even if you don’t want to play that track — too bad for you. So, here you and your buddies are sitting and loading maybe 5, 6, or 7 tracks in order to get to the one you actually want to play. Guess what? There’s no way to go BACKWARDS in the list of tracks you have selected to be available! Let’s say you have 10 tracks available and after playing the first two you want to skip to track 8 in the list. You have to skip, one track at a time, up 6 tracks to get to number 8 (all the time loading in each track as you go, which is a lengthy process). Now let’s say you are on track 8 and want to play track 7, LOL, guess what again? Now you have to loop your way up to track 10 and start at track 1 until you get back to track 7. Yikes!

    One more thing… once you select a specific car to race online there is no way to switch to a different car unless you exit the server and rejoin (selecting a different car at…

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