Ricky Gervais hosting the 2010 Golden Globes All of his good bits chained

Ricky Gervais hosting the 2010 Golden Globes All of his good bits chained
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  1. saeidmomtahan says:

    Ricky rocks!!

  2. YouLiamTube says:

    @Saskiequelle 8:28

  3. MrFrankMurphy says:

    Haha love the cosmetic surgeon joke then cutting to Cameron Diaz 10 seconds later struggling to smile…

  4. MadOldPete says:

    @lurchipoo can you honestly not see how hypocritical that is?

  5. 8o8o8oDAVIDo8o8o8 says:

    lol…. there is something so wrong with america and their celebrities.

    its just..not how a developed brain should be like.

  6. mab2101 says:

    @mistrtwistr69 I totally agree that not every American is a stupid asshole-not sure I even suggested that..? But thanks for the clarification, and just for info we have them in the UK on occasion too….

  7. OtherAlex says:

    What makes this all the more beautiful, is that they got him to do it again!

  8. mistrtwistr69 says:

    @mab2101 Not every American is a stupid asshole. True Americans are stuck dealing with the people that you dont like.

  9. CocoHash says:

    the best :))

  10. mab2101 says:

    @TheBoredProle …erm, thanks 🙂 I thought I was just saying what lots of people were thinking but im glad so many people relate to my comment!!

  11. TheBoredProle says:

    @mab2101 Hey, I just wanted to say I love you. Kthnxbye.

  12. Olimpijaaa says:

    @mab2101 can not agree more.

  13. ISetYourFaceOnFire says:

    @Saskiequelle Ricky Gervais is a genius and very intelligent and creative with his comedy. It’s obvious though. Morgan Freeman the legend he is was born in the 1930’s and it’s 2011. He’s probably seen and heard everything.

  14. Kirkietheturkey says:

    hahahaha mel gibson got owned.

  15. Southfield1000 says:

    hahaha I love this 🙂

  16. XXXkisssssXXX says:

    Finally someone that isn’t there to suck up to these goons, that can just make fun of them and not praise them like they’re used to 24/7

  17. MrShadowz1337 says:

    @JuanOfaKind88 lol nice find.

  18. MrShadowz1337 says:

    @ImpresjaKibla so lame that the majority of the audience laughed. OH SO LAME! Oh wait, maybe that’s coz u have a dick up ur ass and u couldn’t enjoy the sense of humor like the majority does. Sorry then.

  19. LootFragg says:

    @Saskiequelle Being omniscient he has a hard time being caught by jokes.

  20. EchoKrome says:

    I do love how all his jokes weren’t just ‘bits.’
    They were all just natural jokes flowing out and keeping the crowd constantly laughing.

  21. Rockafella107 says:

    Gervais was great, i dont understand why people blame him because he was sarcastic… it is humor… thanks to him the show wasnt so boring.

  22. victory01 says:

    LOL!!! his a touchy joke and points to his ribbon?

  23. ImpresjaKibla says:

    Dick jokes? Really? Lame.

  24. november1ish says:

    Soooooo lighthearted compared to the 2011 show!!!but still pretty pretty pretty good

  25. cpunx says:

    8:29 … Morgan Freeman approves