What’s the best way to go from a simple shared hosting account w/ hostgator to a good VPS or dedicated server?

Question by romemakeway: What's the best way to go from a simple shared hosting account w/ hostgator to a good VPS or dedicated server?
I am wanting to upgrade my hosting account to a more secure plan. However, I have about 10 sites and I have done a lot of work to them. I want a smooth transition from A hostgator shared account to a reputable VPS or dedicated server.

I have never done this before and don't want to be stuck exporting and importing anything. Can this be done?

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Since you have mentioned you need a reliable vps or dedicated provider and need a seamless transfer to be performed from your old host Hostgator to your new server, then I would highly recommend you to go with either of the following companies..

http://www.infrenion.com -- I had a vps with them in their UK datacenter and later upgraded to UK based dedicated server. Their support is very friendly, polite and always on their toes to help you a way step ahead.. I believe they offer free migration from old host to their servers, however you may confirm the same with their live chat..

http://www.rshosting.com -- I have a managed vps plan with them in their US datacenter and have had a very pleasant experience while dealing with their experienced support admins. And moreoever they offer managed vps and dedicated servers, which other companies often charge additional while offering such services.

Apart from the above there are several other hosting providers there in the market claiming good things about their support, but since I do not have a personal experience with them, it is difficult to comment on the level of their services and support.

Good luck with your search..

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  1. Kafka says:

    I think that you deserve to be client of one company called LVPSHosting .
    Their team can arrange everything for moving from old hosting provider to the new. And You will have fully control of what you worked for (your sites) .
    Just contacting them at http://www.lvpshosting.com and the team will manage for the rest.
    And VPS plans starts from $ 18.95 and that is very cheap for the service you are getting.