What is the difference between a dedicated server and a regular server ?

Question by Jem7v: What is the difference between a dedicated server and a regular server ?
I am thinking about buy a server to host for online multilayer game play, But what is the difference between normal and dedicated servers ? The Regular one is $ 48 a month and the dedicated is like $ 150

Will the standard ones at least be playable and can people find them on the server list ?
Just $ 150 a month adds up

Thanks for any help

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Answer by Nate D
Dedicated means only you, otherwise that machines resources are shared between accounts.

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  1. Bill says:

    either one will work is just depends on you and what you call the server.
    if it is dedicated thats the purpose you apply to it rather than a regular on that will be used for more than one task(s). Its all in how you set it up and what you allow it to do.

  2. T Roy says:

    Well a “dedicated server” is a lot of things but in your case it just runs the game, not anything like hosting a web page or a mail server. The cheaper one will show up on server lists just like the high dollar one, but the higher one may have less lantincy or delay.In other words you are paying for speed.

  3. Liu Li says:

    A Dedicated Server is a full server that is your ‘own’; you share it with no other websites. You have the full hard drive, full use of RAM, full use of the processor.
    A regular server simulates having a dedicated server, but you are still sharing the server with other websites. You still have root access, but the actual hard drive in the server is split between several websites (clients).
    Good luck!